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2019-07-31 at 12.52.55 PMOn Monday, 22nd July, we ran an educational children’s programme for homeschoolers. One of the mothers who has attended our previous CLB Home-Educator’s Open Day, loved the programmes that we ran, and asked if we could run a similar event for the children at this Classical Conversations Event. The parents met together for a separate programme where the Founder of the Classical Conversations Curriculum explained to them about how the curriculum worked, what it involved etc. Me and my team ran a concurrent children’s programme.


Our theme for the day with the children was Missionaries. We kick started the day with an action-full song about sharing the Good News. I then did a devotion talking about the Great Commission and how we as believers are all responsible for carrying out the last command that our Lord Jesus Christ left us with. We then looked at examples of missionaries throughout Church History. We started with Paul the Apostle. Alpha gave a talk explaining who Paul was, and how he was a missionary living out the Great Commission despite all the opposition he was facing, and how that sacrificial obedience resulted in us having a large part of the New Testament. After this we did some arts and crafts, making tents like Paul did to support his ministry.



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After some juice and biscuits and energetic socializing we went on to our next missionary – Perpetua! We showed the 30min Perpetua film by Torchlighters, and then played a game where the children split into groups and each child had a title pinned to their backs, for example doctor, astronaut, builder and that had to take turns asking each other questions to discover their hidden identity. We then discussed as a group how as believers we receive our identity in Christ. Even though Perpetua was a new Christian, she was certain who she was and she wasn’t afraid to say it. She was a daughter of the most High God. We then chatted about how we also receive our identity in Christ. And even when the world tries to tell us lies about who we are, we can be confident in who God says we are. And we are His. But with that comes a great responsibility and privilege of sharing that Good News with others.


We then broke for some lunch and more fellowship. The venue was The Refinery New Generation Church in Somerset, which had a lovely area for children’s ministry and was well equipped with lots of fun games and sports equipment for the children to play with.


IMG 20190722 124014 - CopyLater we went on to Martin Luther, a more modern Missionary and the Father of the Reformation. I gave a Comic Strip inspired Power Point presentation about Luther’s life, who he was and how he changed Christianity as we know it. We talked about some of the false teachings that were being taught in the church at that time and how Luther discovered the Truth in Paul’s writings in the New Testament. We chatted about how we are saved by grace alone through our faith in Jesus Christ alone. And how Martin risked his life sharing this with the people of his time.


The last missionary we covered was David Livingstone. We spoke about how he was diligent from a young age with his work and schooling in order to prepare himself for the work that he would then later do across Africa. We spoke about his exciting life, exploration and ministry.


IMG 20190722 102930 - CopyWe then ended off on how we are responsible for carrying out the Great Commission too. We chatted about how even if we can’t go to remote villages and jungles, we can be missionaries in our own families, friendship circles and communities. We discussed what being a good witness for Christ looked like and how the Holy Spirit empowers us to do this. We finished with Romans 10:14-15, How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in Him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the Good News!”” To emphasize this verse we played a game where the children split into two teams and sitting on the floor they had to pass a tennis ball down the line to the last person using only their feet. As they raced there was much shouting of encouragement and laughter. We then repeated this using our elbows and then our hands, getting easier and easier, talking about how the Lord equips us with the necessary skills and resources to be able to effectively take the Good News to the lost.

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The day was willed with plenty of exciting activities and was punctuated with many joyous smiles, laughter and chattering friends.

Thank You to all those who made this wonderful day possible, Jennifer for organizing for us to be a part of the Classical Conversation event, thanks to all the volunteers who assisted us and to the caterer for keeping our tummies satisfied. And most importantly Thank You to our Lord Jesus Christ for adopting us into His family and allowing us and entrusting us with the incredible responsibility and privilege of sharing His Good News.


With warm regards on this winter day


In His Service

Emma Vaughan-Jones

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