UNDERSTANDING the TIMES 130 Years of Biblical Worldview Summits

Since 1991, Africa Christian Action has been involved in Biblical Worldview Summits. This year, 2021, not only marks the 30th anniversary of Africa Christian Action, but of the Biblical Worldview Summit (BWS) in South Africa. Participants have come from as far afield as Australia, Botswana, Canada, the Congo, England, Germany, Ghana, Ireland, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Scotland, Sudan, Switzerland, Uganda, the United States of America, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The enthusiastic response of those who have participated in these life-changing courses, have encouraged us to continue refining and updating the BWS as a Christian Leadership Training Course designed to encourage, equip and empower believers to apply Biblical principles to every area of life.


Solid Foundation

“The Summit provides a solid spiritual foundation to help keep your child’s faith secure when the storms of godlessness and unbelief confront him.” Dr. James Kennedy, Evangelism Explosion.


Creation Science Author and Engineer to Speak at the BWS

This year, Creation Science Author and Engineer, Dr. Philip Stott will be our special guest speaker at the Biblical Worldview Summit. When the Iron Curtain collapsed, Philip Stott was invited to present lectures exposing evolution and presenting scientific evidence for Creation to state universities throughout Russia, in what used to be the Soviet Union.


Guest Speakers and Topics to Apply the Lordship of Christ to All Areas of Life

In addition to Frontline missionaries who have worked across the continent, guest speakers will include:

Anthony Stander of Living Waters; Cuan Elgin, Author of Bulala; Charl van Wyk, author of Shooting Back and American Evangelist, Paul Young. Some of the presentation titles include: Standing for Truth in a Fake World; Social Justice vs. Biblical Justice; Coping with Chaos – A Biblical Response; Education or Indoctrination?; The Importance of the Beginning; Psy War, Gaslighting and Stockholm Syndrome; What is Science?; Effective Evangelism; Entertainment or Exploitation?; How to Resist Bullying Tactics; Where Did Science Get Lost?; Fear of Death; Economics or Embezzlement?; Countering the Covid Cult; What is Evolution?; How Can I Live a Holy Life in a Polluted World?; Replacing Lies with Truth; Weaponising Words and Toxic Terminology; Resistance to Revolution; Whatever Happened to the Flood?; How to Follow Christ in a Hostile World?; God Can Deliver His People; Overcomer; The Universe as God Made It; The Heart of the Gospel; And All Those Millions of Years?; Behold - Prophet, Priest and King; Let the Earth Hear His Voice and You Can Change Your World.
Every day also includes a balanced and challenging programme stretching minds and muscles, body, mind and spirit, team-building, practical, obstacle crossing, problem-solving activities and outreaches.


Yes – The Conference is Still On Under Level 3 Lockdown Regulations

The conference centre is situated in a secure wooded area. The centre is on a large estate of 87 hectares and can accommodate over 250 people, so there is no problem with meeting all the requirements of operating under 50% capacity under Level 3, for conferences.


To Encourage, Equip and Empower You to Make a Difference

Participants will be provided with the Biblical Worldview Manual and other resources, both printed and digital to enable them to run Biblical Worldview courses at their church, school, college, or home fellowship. For more information, visit “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…” Romans 12:2


To see the Draft Programme of the BWS 2021, click here.

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To see a photographic video of a previous Biblical Worldview Summit, click here.

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May God be gracious to make us more faithful to His Word and more effective in His service.


Dr. Peter Hammond

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