Empowering Young People to Transform Campuses for Christ


The Biblical Worldview Summit near Cape Town was held in a forest in the mountains, near a lake. The Biblical Worldview Summit was an intense Leadership Training programme which stretched minds and muscles, presenting daily challenges for problem solving, obstacle crossing and other team building exercises.

Practical Programme

Every day began with physical training, running and obstacle courses. The practicals included night hikes, raft building, canoeing, survival skills, first aid, water sports and a series of outreaches in the nearby town. The programme included: 7 Devotions/Sermons, 34 lectures, 4 workshops, 18 hours of practicals, 2 night hikes, 6 films, a Variety Concert and outreaches.


Participants wrote the following responses: "Scary! Well organised, power-packed, worth the money and time!"; "It has been a great adventure and I have learnt a lot"; "Solid based on God's Word, like nothing I have ever seen before, the lectures were brilliant!"; "It was really fun!"; "Very different from anything I have been used to"; "Tough physically, amazing teaching, a great learning experience"; "Very effective for ministering to spirit, mind and body"; "Very well organised. Excellent!"; "Well disciplined and organised camp with the very best speakers"; "Very well organised, excellent and friendly leaders, fun team building activities"; "I did things I never thought I could do!"; "A must for any Christians wanting to grow in Christ"; "I've grown stronger in my Faith and learnt more than I could have ever imagined!"; "I've learnt more this week than I have learnt at school!"; "I have learned not to believe anything without first evaluating the proof";  "I wish it was longer!"; "Make the camp longer!"; "It was great!!!"; "You should make the camp longer"; "I enjoyed the fellowship with other Christians and connected with God"; "I have been physically strengthened, mentally, emotionally empowered"; "I'm now stronger and bolder for Christ"; "I came last year and loved it, so I came back"; "It went beyond my expectations"; "Everything was awesome"; "All presentations were relevant and helpful".


From the Response Forms, the presentations mentioned most often as "most helpful" were: Media Wise; Relationships and Courtship; History, Humanism and Hollywood; Deception, Bondage and Deliverance; How Could a Good God Allow Evil?; The Flood; Egalitarianism and Paganism; What Every Christian Should Know About the Inquisition; Dealing with Guilt Manipulation andBiblical Femininity and Modesty.


At the end of the camp 36 participants wrote that they had decided to spend more time in prayer for our country; 34 to read more good Christian books; 33 to study the Word of God more regularly; 28 to commit to disciple at least one person per year; 25 to offer their time to a Christian Action organisation; 24 said that they had decided to fully surrender to the Lordship of Christ; 16 to join and get involved in a local church; 12 to start a transformation team in their school, college or community.


Other written decisions included: "To remain a strong Christian, solid in Spirit and Truth"; "To memorize more Scripture"; "To evangelise my friends"; "To have a dedicated Quiet Time" and"To deepen my knowledge of Christ and to use discernment in my future walk".

Thank You

Thank you very much for praying with us for God's ongoing work in the lives of all who participated in this year's Biblical Worldview Summit.

Next BWS

The next Biblical Worldview Summit in Cape Town will be held from 24 June to 1 July at Rocklands campsite near Simonstown. For more information on upcoming Summits contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or visit www.frontline.org.za

New BWS MP3 Boxset Available

All the Lectures and Devotions of the Biblical Worldview Summit 2011 will be available on MP3 and audio CD format from Christian Liberty Books on tel: 021-689-7478; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or visit the Website: www.christianlibertybooks.co.za.

Dr. Peter Hammond

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