Obama Faces Opposition in Africa


Protests Against Obama

Obama helicoptersYesterday we heard the roar of helicopters over our Mission House and saw Marine One fly overhead as Obama was escorted to present a speech at the University of Cape Town. Protests have followed Obama's visit to South Africa. At the University of Johannesburg on Saturday, 29 June, police fired rubber bullets and a stun grenade into a crowd of hundreds of protestors who were chanting "NObama! NObama!" Demonstrators have brandished posters declaring: "No More Drone Wars!"; "Obama – Mass Murderer!"; "Away with USA"; "Obama - Zionist Uncle Tom!"; "Stop WW3 – Remove Obama" and "Obama - White House kitchen boy."

Academic Criticism

Steven Friedman, the Director of Rhodes and Johannesburg Universities, has declared: "I don't think that it's unkind to say that he's done absolutely nothing for this continent. In some respects, George W. Bush did more for Africa than Barack Obama... I can't remember a US administration that has shown less interest in the continent than this one. Clearly China is now the dominant presence economically. I think the US still has far more political influence on this continent, but this is not going to last…"

Orwellian Nobel Prize

Numerous academic have questioned how Obama could have won a Noebel Peace Prize within less than 9 months of being in office - without having achieved absolutely anything. His presidency has been described as "a bitter disappointment" to Africans and his Noebel Peace prize award in 2009, as "the most cynical Orwellian meaningless gesture".


Numerous UJ students called it a dishonourable doctorate to award an honorary doctorate on Obama, "because we feel it will dishonour all of us to be just handing out these things to a head of State, who for us, does not have a very good record."


Failed Promises

Numerous protestors described Obama as a "liar!" because he had failed to fulfil any of his election pledges of 2008.

Abortion and Perversion President

Obama and telepromptersPro-life and pro-family groups in Africa express disgust with Obama's administration as the most radical pro-abortion and pro-homosexual in history. "He talks about gay rights, but gays have always had the same rights as anyone else. What Obama has really advanced is: privileges for perverts!" Pro-family advocates complain of the "arrogant and often bullying manner and insensitivity" of the US State Department against pro-life and pro-family administration in Africa.


Killing Black Babies with American Tax Dollars

One of the first official acts of President George W. Bush, after being elected US President was to defund Planned Parenthood's abortions overseas. One of Barack Obama's first acts as President was to re-fund Planned Parenthood's abortions in Africa. So, because of Barack Obamas policies, many hundreds and thousands of black babies have been killed in Africa, through abortion, with US taxpayer's money.

"Should you help the wicked and love those who hate the Lord and so bring wrath on yourself from the Lord?" 2 Chronicles 19:2


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