Epistle to Bible-Believing Churches



Five Essential and Foundational Commitments King Jesus Requires of the Church


1. The Bible is to be regarded as the only, absolute, written Word of God to mankind. Jesus and the Apostles regarded the Scriptures as the Spirit-inspired, inerrant Word of God, down to the very Words used, which is to sit in judgment over all other books, ideas, and philosophies.

All the Church’s Theology, teaching, ministry and the personal lives of its leaders and members is to be conformed to the principles, Theology, morals and guidance of the Bible. To the degree any pastor, teacher, church or organization teaches that the Bible is not fully inspired by God and inerrant, or that its content may be dismissed, disobeyed, opposed or ridiculed, to that degree such leaders are opposing God and should not be tolerated or salaried by God’s people. For such leaders are unknowingly undermining God’s Truth and destroying both the Church and its host society. (My estimate is that possibly 50% of all “Evangelical” pastors and Christians in America at this time believe the Bible is partly true and partly false.)


2. The only kind of Christianity and legitimate Church membership taught by Christ and the Apostles requires the professing Christian and Church member to live in conscious, intentional obedience to God and the Bible, hourly, in every area of life, 365 days per year, to whatever degree that is possible with the help and leading of the Holy Spirit.

Since the 1800’s, sincere, but mistaken, Bible teachers and pastors have taught the falsehood that a person may have Christ as their Saviour without simultaneously having Him as their Lord.

“Bible-obedient” Christianity is the only Christianity taught by Christ, the Apostles and the entire Bible. (We are saved by God’s grace through faith alone, but not by the kind of faith that does not produce eager obedience to Christ and the Bible). No Reformation or Revival will come to the Body of Christ in any nation unless, and until, pastors and leaders teach that a person has no right to call themselves a Christian if they do not desire to live in obedience to God & the Bible and are making that effort.


3. Christ requires that we be willing to die for Him if necessary.

The only kind of Christian leaders King Jesus wants to be His Church’s leaders, pastors, teachers, writers, and organizers are those Christians who are willing to die for Christ and for the advancement of His Kingdom upon earth if necessary. See Luke 9:23-24 “If anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me… Whoever loses his life for My sake will save it."; and John 10:11 “The Good Shepherd lays down His life for the sheep.” If your pastor or Bible teacher is not willing to die for Christ and for His Church, if it became necessary, you should probably go find a new pastor and Bible teacher.

4. If a pastor, professor, Bible teacher, or leader, stands in opposition to the Biblical Truth stated in the 24 Documents in the book, Rebuilding Civilization on the Bible, however sincere their hearts may be, we believe they are opposing God’s Truth and are inadvertently working to undermine the Church and helping our culture to further rot.

These 24 Documents clarify the current “battle lines” where Christians must stand for the

Truth of God against confused, misguided “Evangelicals” as well as against anti-Bible atheists. These 24 Documents will form the agenda of the Global Church Council planned for 2017, 2019 and 2021 and are available at www.ChurchCouncil.org.

5. Our Lord Christ is keenly disappointed with the lack of practical, local unity that exists among most Bible-believing churches and He still desires his prayer to the Father in John 17:21 to be realized on earth.

We proclaim that God wants 3 types of unity to exist among local churches in any city or county.

A. Theological Unity based upon the local church’s belief in an inerrant, fully inspired Bible and also agreement on some "Statement of Faith” such as COR’s 42 Articles on the Christian Worldview (which has been accepted by multiple denominations).

B. Personal Friendship Unity wherein local pastors begin to trust and love each other and pray together monthly, and come to honestly care for the success of the other pastor’s churches and general ministry in a pastors fraternal.

C. Strategic-Working Unity wherein those local pastors plan projects together locally to advance the Kingdom of God in their city and county and work together on various projects such as: education, Evangelism, godly politics, mercy ministry, local media work.

Many thinking Christian leaders claim that the “Laodicean, sleepy and self-serving Church” is not the proper “salt and light” to our surrounding culture which our Lord Christ commanded us to be. Also, in this sleepy, self-content condition we have, by default, allowed the secular forces of atheism, moral relativism, socialism and open decadence, to take control of the major spheres of life, namely those spheres of; Law and Government, Business & Banking, the Media, Arts and Entertainment, Health Care, Education, and Science.

It is clear to many people that our dear, sick America is about to die as a constitutional republic, and soon will careen over the cliff into being a tyrannical, socialistic, police state under our un-constitutional federal government which will probably initiate official persecution of any outspoken Christians or constitutionalists, if we do not undergo a Reformation and Revival soon. We must train the next generations of Christians to Rebuild Civilization on the Bible no matter what chaos and tyranny may come upon this present generation, America, and other decadent nations, can be thoroughly Evangelical and discipled still, but only if Christian leaders and pastors require their followers to live in serious, hourly obedience to God’s only, written, absolute statement on how life works: the Bible.

Concluding Statement

Christian leaders please take note that I believe God in Heaven is requiring these 5 Essential and Foundational commitments from His Body of Christ. Revival and Reformation of the Church first, and, secondly, a rebuilding of our civilization upon the principles of the Bible cannot and will not happen to any significant degree if these 5 points above are not believed, promoted and made to happen by at least 5% to 10% of the Bible-believing leaders, pastors and teachers of the Body of Christ beginning this process immediately.

There exist powerful, exciting working models, methods and principles for transforming churches and their surrounding cultures through our friends who are creating these models. If you are interested in bringing Reformation and Revival to your area, we can put you in touch with these leaders and their successful models if you contact us at the addresses below.

May God’s Kingdom come and His will be done in to a real degree in our lifetime.    

Dr. Jay Grimstead

Director – Coalition on Revival

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