Inspiring Examples of Excellence from South African History


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Dr. Peter Hammond’s new book, Sketches from South African History presents a fascinating tapestry of unforgettable characters, dramatic events and magnificent milestones in the development of this extraordinary country.

Spectacular Stories
provides a captivating kaleidoscope of characters, conviction and courage. Extraordinary exploits and amazing achievements, despite daunting dangers and difficulties.

 Extraordinary Leaders
Prominent personalities, such as founding father, Jan van Riebeeck, Maria de la Quellerie, the first French Huguenot to land in South Africa. The heroic self-sacrifice of Wolraad Woltemade rescuing the perishing amidst a tempestuous storm in Table Bay. Paul Kruger, who at age eleven, was already a Voortrekker who had fought the ferocious Matabele at the battle of Vegkop.

Role Models to Respect
The great Missionary, Dr. David Livingstone, the best friend Africa ever had, the dynamic Andrew Murray, Missionary to the Voortrekkers for 11 years and the most prolific and successful South African author in history. Principled political leaders, such as Paul Kruger, Marthinus Steyn and James Barry Hertzog. Courageous commandoes, such as Danie Theron, the founder of the Reconnaissance Corps of the Transvaal, General Christian de Wet of the Orange Free State and General Koos de la Rey - The Lion of the Western Transvaal.

Incredible Individuals
The tenacious Englishwoman, Emily Hobhouse, who exposed the British scorched earth and concentration camp policies, brought down a government and hastened the end of the ruinous Anglo-Boer War. The pioneer German Missionary, Carl Hugo Gutsche, who planted churches throughout the Eastern Cape and trained the first Black Baptist missionaries to Transkei.

Turning Points in History
Decisive battles that determined the direction of South African History, such as Vegkop, Blood River, Majuba, Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift.

Landmarks and Historic Towns
Great monuments such as the first monument to women ever erected anywhere in the world, the Women's Memorial in Bloemfontein. The inspiring and magnificent Voortrekker Monument and many others are featured in Sketches from South African History. Various historic towns and museums are also featured in this 208 page book with 185 pictures and maps.

An African Historian
The author, Dr. Peter Hammond, is a Missionary who has pioneered ministry throughout Africa and Europe, including in the war zones of Mozambique, Angola and Sudan, establishing schools, clinics and churches. Over the last 34 years, he has travelled and ministered in 36 countries across four continents. Dr. Hammond is the Founder of Frontline Fellowship, Africa Christian Action, The Reformation Society, Livingstone Fellowship and William Carey Bible Institute. He has written a number of History books, including: The Greatest Century of Missions, The Greatest Century of Reformation, Victorious Christians - Who Changed the World, A Christian History of Africa, Church History Manual, and Faith Under Fire in Sudan. The South African History Audio and Data MP3 Boxset includes 20 audio lectures and 15 PowerPoint presentations of Dr. Peter Hammond on South African History and PDF versions of this book, Sketches from South African History, in both English and Afrikaans.

Unique South African History Resource
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