Textbook Teaches Teenagers to Refute Evolution


Evolution forms part of the grade 10 and 12 Life Sciences curriculum.

This can be an excellent opportunity for Christian teachers and learners to strengthen their faith and be equipped to direct others towards the Creator. However, it can also be a danger, robbing learners of their faith. Knowledge and resource availability can make the difference between which of these outcomes will be realised.

Drs Philip and Angela Stott have produced a learner's Workbook and accompanying Teacher's Guide DVD to equip Christian teachers to present this section fairly and critically. It will empower learners to be able to support their faith with sound scientific facts and reasoning.

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The How Did Turtle Get His Shell? textbook:

  • Guides learners to evaluate biological issues related to the question of origins in a fair-minded, critical manner.
  • The only resource tailor-made for the South African curriculum which gives fair exposure to both Evolution and Intelligent Design.
  • Covers the origins section in the South African FET Life Sciences (LS) curriculum.
  • Develops critical thinking skills, meeting LS assessment standards 12.1.8.&10 and 12.3.1.&2.

96 pages. R50 per book. Discounts for bulk quantities.

How did Turtle Get His Shell? Teacher's Guide DVD:

  • Teaching tips
  • Suggested answers
  • Bonus material, including films from Creation Ministries International.

R100 per disc

Dr Angela Stott has also produced Investigations, a learner's Handbook, which:

  • Guides learners step by step through the Scientific Method and
  • Encourages learners to participate in the Expo for Young Scientists, giving ideas, examples and systematic practise.
  • Contains many photographs of Angela's learners with their Science Expo projects.
  • Meets Learning Outcome 1 (Investigation) of the South African National Curriculum for Natural, Life and Physical Sciences.
  • Preferably used in grades 7-9 Natural Sciences Lessons.

Investigations accompanying Teacher's Guide DVD:

  • Teaching tips
  • Suggested answers
  • Outcomes per activity
  • Bonus material

R100 per disc.

FET Physical Science DVDs for grades 10-12, with Movies, Quizzes, PowerPoints, Tasks and Exercises, Simulations and Hand-outs composed mostly of material developed by Dr Angela Stott. R80 per disc if ordered individually. R350 per 5-disc set.

The books or DVDs can be ordered from Angela Stott directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or online at www.stottbooks.com .

How did Turtle Get His Shell? is also available from Christian Liberty Books in Cape Town, 021 - 6897478, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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