That's Entertainment!


Our society offers so much. If I’m lonely or depressed, if I feel empty and unfulfilled there are film shows, television programmes, videos, DVD’s, music, stories, plots, drama, action, thrillers, romance, whodunits, adventure, you name it – we’ve got it. Slow Music, some rock, a classic, some pop, rap, hip hop, rave, or underground? Perhaps you need to go to a party, or night club, or a disco. Lights, noise, laughter, rhythm, music, people… yes, people. But why are there so many empty and artificial people around? They seem so false. They also look lonely. Why?

Try some magazines, the newspaper, or the Internet. Wars, political intrigue, crime, inflation, scandals, skip that… what’s on at the movies? I wonder why I feel so empty inside? I feel nothing as I read of the starving millions, of war victims and murders. Why do I care so little about other people? It could’ve been me… Let’s see what the video shop has to offer. Try another DVD – that might work.

I feel I’m getting more and more empty and frustrated inside. I think so much less than I used to. I do so little. Visit our relatives? Goodness no, we’ll miss that T.V. programme, and besides, what is there to talk about? Pour another drink, put on another CD for background music. Light up a cigarette, yes I know it’s unhealthy, I know my lungs are being corroded away, and I cough so much. I’ll try to kick the habit next week.

Why am I so restless, so ill at ease? Let’s try the amusement park, or gambling. Bright lights, beautiful colours, noise, music, laughter, crowds… yes, people! But, why does life seem so meaningless and pointless? I feel like a merry-go-round. I’m not getting anywhere. Let’s go to the casino. Try the one-armed bandits. Some lose, some gain, but I come away feeling empty. Could I be wasting my time?

Playstation! Gambling! Computer games are fun… but why do I feel like I’m wasting my time? My life seems to lack direction. There’s no real purpose in life. Cards, race horses, games! Life seems to be one big game. Have you heard the latest joke? Why am I afraid of silence? I’m afraid to be alone. Where’s my cell phone? Who can I SMS?

The T.V. can help me kill time. The radio, walkman, MP3 player and cell phone must crowd out those restless thoughts within me. Who am I? What am I doing here? Where am I going? Try some make-believe: put on another video. Let’s “google” something on the Internet. What am I so afraid of? Why do I need so much noise and so many gadgets and amusements to keep me occupied? Why am I so empty inside? My life seems to be controlled and manipulated by this pleasure-mad, entertainment-orientated world. Advertising offers so much, it all sounds so good – but it’s so disappointing. I feel like my soul’s been ransacked, and all the meaning and identity has been robbed from my life. Life is so plastic and artificial.

God, is this the way it’s meant to be? You never made the world this way, did You? Why do I feel so dead inside? Is it because I’ve tried to live without You? I know I haven’t paid much attention to the Bible – would that have helped? I suppose I should get into nature more. Would prayer help? I feel like I’ve been missing out on what life is really meant to be. It’s like I’ve let this synthetic society rape me of all reality and peace of mind. Can You forgive me for all these wasted, misused years? Will You show me a better way to live? Please fill this empty void in my life with reality and love.

I’ve been existing when I should have been living. I’ve been playing when I should have been praying. I’ve been reading the newspaper and surfing the Internet when I should have been reading the Bible, I’ve listened to the radio instead of to You. Oh God, forgive me – I’ve spent more time watching T.V. than helping other people. No wonder my life has been so empty and frustrating. I’ve wasted my time and money on worthless man-made make-believe. My life and talents have rotted away while I’ve endured electronic mass-production entertainment.

Thank You for showing me life as it really is in the Bible. Thank You for showing me what it can be. Thank You, Jesus, for showing me the way: what an example You are! Help me to live an unselfish life serving You and helping others. Thank You for the beautiful forests and mountains! Thank You for clean country air and lively animals in the game parks. I enjoy being alone now. You are there. I’m different, You have changed me. Since I surrendered my life to You, You’ve shown me how much You love me. You even came as a human being to die the death I deserved. Thank You for taking my punishment in order to free me from this selfish, sinful life I’ve been living.

Lord Jesus, thank You for giving my life meaning and purpose and direction. I find that I don’t need artificial stimulation from entertainment and make-believe anymore. I like people now, they don’t threaten me, any more. I want to help them. Things are so different already. I feel like I’ve been freed from slavery.

You have given me a New Start in Life and a New Life to Start.

Peter Hammond

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