Blindsided by Bias


In the recent United States Presidential Elections (and in the previous Brexit vote in the United Kingdom), we have seen just how wrong the media experts can be. Many are describing the mainstream media as the lamestream media. A new word has been added to the English vocabulary: presstitutes. It is now being said that so many in the mass media prostituted journalism in being so partisan in pushing propaganda to promote the Clinton and Obama secular humanist globalist agenda - instead of reporting the news. Most so called news reports, in both the print media and on TV, seem to be more biased views than non-partisan news.



Now the mass media, CNN, BBC, CBS, NBC, Time Magazine and The New York Times have been exposed for fools, hypocrites and frauds - blinded by their bias. There are those who are referring to CNN as the Clinton News Network, BBC as the Biased Broadcasting Corporation, Time as Slime, Newsweek (which presumptuously published on the front cover a gleaming Hillary Clinton with the title Madam President - Hillary's Path to the Whitehouse) has been dubbed Newspeak (in reference to George Orwell's classic book, 1984, and its prediction of thought crimes, thought police and newspeak). US News is being called Useless News. 36 years ago the mass media got it wrong by confidently predicting a landslide victory for Jimmy Carter against Ronald Reagan in the 1980 Election.


Against All Odds

Despite all the media bias and hate campaigns mobilised against Donald Trump and all the negative predictions and fraudulent polls, an outsider, running against all odds, running on an anti-establishment platform, has won the United States usanewspaperPresidential Elections.


Like the Fall of the Wall

On the 27th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall (9 November 1989), a landslide on the other side of the Atlantic stunned the world. French Ambassador of the United States, Gerard Araud, stated: "After Brexit and this election, everything is now possible…"


Rise of Resistance

Dutch Parliamentarian, Geert Wilders, declared: "The people are taking their country back. So will we!" Nationalist movements across France, Poland, Holland, Hungary, Denmark and Sweden have taken great encouragement from the victory of Britain's Brexit voters and now this news of Trump's surprise victory in the United States. The New World Order and its globalist agenda has suffered some severe setbacks in this last year. With Brexit and the supreme court of Austria ruling the need for fresh elections (after fraud in the postal votes denied the Nationalist presidential candidate victory by the usamapslimmest of margins), resistance is growing.


Hopes for Peace

In the Russian Parliament, news of Trump's surprise victory sparked applause. Russian President, Vladimir Putin, declared: "Russia wants and is ready to restore fully fledged relations with the United States." In Syria, for example, the United States currently partners with Saudi Arabia and Turkey in fighting the Bashar Al-Assad government of Syria, using US air strikes and ground forces. Trump appears likely to shift to an alliance with Russia to fight ISIS terrorism. The Russian President said that he looked forward to the United States joining the fight against Islamic terrorism, instead of funding and supporting it in the Middle East.


Reject Deceptionusatrumptriumph

Again and again we see just how wrong the media experts can be. So why do we waste our time listening to their self-serving leftist agenda? Our Lord Jesus Christ taught: "…you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32


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