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Ray Comfort of Way of the Master has crafted an effective and powerful pro-life film which exposes the self-righteous blindness of the average person on the street (and sorry to say, often in the pew).

Of course, they would never participate in, or support, genocide! However, they would vote for political parties and candidates who are fuelling and funding the abortion holocaust right now.

Some claimed that they would take a bullet rather than have a part in killing innocent people at the same time, they were not willing to be considered controversial, by rocking the boat and speaking up for babies about to be killed by abortion today.

The death toll from the abortion holocaust in America has already risen to an absolutely staggering 52 million.

However, America does receive most of the focus, because Americans tend to be more self-critical and have a strong Evangelical conscience researching and publishing these facts.

However, how many people are aware that the estimated death toll from abortion in China has already exceeded 400 million and an average of 7 million babies are aborted every year in Russia.

The Humanist holocaust, factoring in the babies killed by abortion worldwide, already exceeds one billion.

When is it right to kill a baby? How can you justify silence, compromise and cowardice on this issue?

In South Africa we can challenge people by referring to the concentration camps which the British, under Lord Milner and General Kitchener, set up in the Transvaal and Orange Free State Republics. Tens-of-thousands of Afrikaans women and children died in the overcrowded, unhygienic conditions in the British concentration camps in the 1899-1902 Anglo Boer War. We have pictures of stick like emaciated child inmates of British Concentration camps in South Africa.

The British practiced scorched earth, destroying all the farms, destroying all the cattle and livestock, poisoning wells and relocating all Afrikaans women and children into overcrowded concentration camps, where many died of cholera, typhoid and starvation.

We can ask people in our country if they would have had any part in this scorched earth and concentration camp policy and overwhelmingly you will get the same kind of confident, self-righteous answer that they would rather have been killed than have done that. Then we need to ask them how they voted in the last election.

Shockingly, more than 98% of the mostly Christian electorate in South Africa voted for political parties which stand for legalised abortion. Many also voted for pagan political parties that stand for legalised prostitution, with its attendant human trafficking. (See www.SAvotersguide.org to see SA political parties voting track record on pro-life and other moral issues).

In most of Africa the most familiar and recent genocide would be the Rwandan Holocaust. In 1994, more people were killed with machetes in Rwanda, in 6 weeks, than have died from atomic weapons in all of history.

It was deliberate, planned, systematic and organised by the State. Over 800,000 Tutsi Christians were slaughtered, in most cases by their neighbours , mobilized by state radio, to kill all the Tutsi inyenzis(cockroaches). Hundreds-of-thousands of people took part in murdering their neighbours with machetes. Hutu pastors and congregants killed Tutsi church members. Hutu doctors and nurses killed Tutsi patients. Hutu teachers killed Tutsi students. A very low-tech genocide. What would you have done if you had been in Rwanda in April 1994?

I walked knee deep in corpses in churches in Rwanda. It was the most awful experience in my life. I was sicker than I have ever been in my life, before or since. Missionaries had to remove over 7,000 corpses from the local hospital, including climbing into drains to clean out the congealed blood that was blocking the drainage system. A plague of rats infested the entire capital Kigali. At night we would be attacked by rats while in our beds.

Yet, when the Rwandan holocaust was in full swing the Clinton government used the US veto to prevent the Security Council intervening and mobilising the UN forces to stop the genocide. There were over 2,500 UN soldiers in Rwanda. They had already disarmed the potential victims. Other Security Council members were set on mobilising the UN peace-keepers to intervene. However, Clinton’s US government blocked every attempt to save lives in Rwanda. I’ve documented this in my book:Holocaust in Rwanda.

What would you have done, if you had been a member of the UN Peacekeeping Force in Rwanda at that time?

If you are dealing with French people you can point out that the French government supported the architects of the genocide in Rwanda before, during and after the fact. France even mobilised their military to create safe zones for the Interahamwe who were guilty of the genocide, when the Tutsi rose up to oust them. If you were a French soldier ordered to Rwanda in 1994, what would you have done?

Numerous of the architects of the genocide in Rwanda are living in France and Canada today. Despite those countries having signed the genocide treaty, they continue to harbour architects of the worst deliberate mass slaughter in our lifetimes.

The French foreign minister justified their actions in these words: “We were holding the line forFrancophone Africa against Anglophone Africa!” So genocide is OK, if our language group are the ones doing it! The Hutu spoke French and the Tutsi spoke English, so that made it OK!

If you are dealing with Russians, you can refer to the Communist Holocaust under Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Khrushchev , Brezhnev , and other Soviet dictators. As the Black Book of Communism documents, their own records confirm over 100 million innocent victims killed by secular humanist, atheist governments in communist countries between 1917 and 1989. This does not include the over 68 million killed in Red China by the Communist Party of Mao Tse Tung.

You should also be aware of the one child policy of Red China and the forced abortions and infanticide there.

The staggering hypocrisy, spiritual blindness, self-delusion and arrogance of the average person on the issue of the Abortion Holocaust and modern day slavery must be exposed.

Red China has one of the worst dictatorial governments with the most blood on their hands, in history. Yet, the United States gives Most Favoured Nation status to Red China. While most people are horrified that any of our ancestors might have been involved in slavery, they don’t seem to have a problem that most of the goods in American stores are made in Red China, much of it by slave labour . Most of the toys in Disney World, and at MacDonalds, are made in Red China. Many of the American flags are made in Red China. It’s hard to beat the price of slave labour .

Pornography is legal in America, even though much of the pornography is produced by human traffickers/modern day slave traders. The same people who condemn previous generations which tolerated slavery, seem blind to their own complicity with modern day slavery.

May God bless, guide and empower you as you use the Law of God as the schoolmaster that leads us to Christ.

The Law of the Lord is perfect. It converts the soul.

Yours for the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

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