Facing the Giants


facing the giantsFacing the Giants is an entertaining and uplifting film.  It is most inspiring with a compelling drama many can relate to.  This is not just another sports film, but a refreshing story of family, faith, school and sports which deals with real life problems in a God honouring way. 

None of the actors are known professionals, but the whole production works well, the storyline and script are griping and edifying. Scriptural principles and answered prayer result in a triumphant faith in a face of trails and crushing defeat. 

Facing the Giants is the story of Grant Taylor, a football coach whose Shiloh Eagle’s have failed to win any season during his 6 years of coaching them. His star football player is transferred to another school, and a group of fathers begin campaigning to fire him. At the same time, he and his wife’s plans to have children are frustrated and his doctor informs him that he is infertile. 

Facing the Giants is no big budget Hollywood movie, but its compelling story is engaging and well presented. Alex Kendrick, who plays the role of Grant Taylor has pointed out in a media interview that although the story in the film is fictional, everything in the film, every problem and miraculous answer to prayer, has actually happened.  It is an amalgam of remarkable real events which have been condensed and incorporated into the one team and community presented in this film. 

Facing the Giants is a film about real life, with fear and failure, feelings of betrayal, inadequacy and infertility, with his house, car and work all falling apart, Facing the Giants presents an honest and effective story of God’s prayer answering power when Scriptural principles are obeyed and applied, in daily life.  This is an exceptional film for the whole family, one that you will not want to miss. 

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