A Horse-Lover's Response to "Tornado"


As an avid horse lover and previously having had the honour and privilege for many years, of owning a pure-bred desert Arabian, from the original Egyptian blood-line, I was greatly looking forward to seeing this film. Most “horsey” films these days are about Thoroughbreds, so it was especially exciting that a film was actually being made about an Arab.

The horse that played the part, Arlieb Kashmir, was indeed a stunning Arabian and had the looks and build of the true desert horse. It was also nice to see that, as far as I could tell on careful examination, the same horse was actually used throughout the movie! There also, in most films made about horses, several are used and to the keen eye, the differences are very noticeable, which always spoils the authenticity for experienced horsemen and women.

Personally, I would have liked to see more actual work done with the horse. I also felt that the information given during Pierre’s tutorial classes, was very poor and vague and did not come across very confidently from the lecturer.

The story line itself was a bit disappointing. If I hadn’t read the write-up beforehand, I’m not sure I would have quite got the gist of young Pierre’s emotional or physical problems, which was actually very important in this story.

What was refreshing, however, was the “realness” of their everyday lives. Ordinary people, living ordinary lives, not like the unrealistic glitz and glamour of Hollywood, which most of us can never relate to.

As a Christian, I also would have liked to see a bit more of the Gospel being proclaimed, or at least spoken about, in this film. Considering that Barrie Burger (the horse whisperer) is a missionary, there was more in the press release about his ministry than actually came across in the film.

Overall, for me it was an enjoyable film, because of my passion and love for horses and the wonderful creatures that they are. There is nothing that can compare with the special relationship one has with one’s horse and for me, it is a special gift from God and one that I personally treasure dearly.

Diane Worthington 

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