Haiti and Satan


Haiti was officially dedicated to Satan in 1791. It was rededicated to Satan during the two hundred year anniversary in 1991 by Aristide.

At that time, it was noted that Aristide had, behind his desk in his presidential office, a huge oil painting of a necklace murder. Aristide was quoted as having described the smell of burning petrol and human flesh in a necklace murder as "a most beautiful aroma".

Not surprisingly, this country beset by occultism is the poorest state in the Western hemisphere. The vast majority of the population of Haiti are actively involved in Voodoo. Haiti has the worst soil-erosion, pollution, and de-forestation problems in the Americas.

Although they share the same island, the contrast between the predominantly Christian Dominican Republic with its lush rainforests and fertile farms, and the deforested, eroded mess that is Haiti could not be more acute.

Why then is the ANC government wanting to align itself with an occultic tyrant and a regime dedicated to Satan?

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