Obama Administration Begins Training Homosexual Activists Around the World


Army of International Lobbyists
Obama at UCTThe Washington Blade, D.C.'s gay newspaper, praised the Obama administration for creating an army of international lobbyists for same-sex "marriage," anti-discrimination laws, and homosexual "rights" around the world. According to USAID, the first phase of the program is focused on countries with a strong Catholic influence: Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala, and other developing nations that oppose homosexuality (this would include African nations).

The first in a series of USAID "gay trainings" took place in Colombia, a nation specifically targeted for its rejection of same-sex "marriage." The goal, an agency spokesman says, is to teach people how to infiltrate the political process and advocate for laws that a majority of Americans, who are paying for the program, object to. "It can be a real game-changer in the advancement of LGBT human rights," she insisted. In essence, U.S. taxpayers are being forced to groom the next generation of the world's Human Rights Campaigns -- a stunning exploitation of Americans' money, and more importantly, their trust.

For the Obama administration, this is just another part of its strong-arm strategy to bully other nations into compliance. Whether it's through the United Nations, U.S. embassies, or the State Department, President Obama is leading the effort to bribe and coerce poor countries into accepting his pro-homosexual agenda.

Obama’s directive also reveals its plans to do what officials from developing countries have reported that the Obama administration has already been doing since taking office, that is threatening to withdraw U.S. financial aid to vulnerable countries unless they advance LGBT rights in their laws (for example, Uganda and Zambia).

Shocking New Documentary
Family Watch International is urging people to oppose this agenda. They've released a shocking new documentary highlighting the President's dark world of "Cultural Imperialism." The documentary includes interviews with diplomats from Nigeria and Uganda who oppose Obama’s anti-family agenda.
Click onto to their website to see a five-minute clip or the full feature.

By Tony Perkins, 6 June 2013. This article originally appeared on the Family Research Council website.

What You Can Do – A Call to Pastors in Africa
The Christian Action Network calls upon pastors and missionaries, especially members of the Christian Action Network, to mobilise their congregations or ministries to prayer and action to resist any attempts by the UN or the Obama administration to introduce pro-homosexual laws into their Constitutions (or to remove the pro-family clauses), or to deceive people through their media campaigns or “outreaches” to youth.

We encourage you to, write to or phone, Members of Parliament in your country. Zambians can appeal to the Christian Constitution of Zambia. You can also write Letters to the Editor of local newspapers.

"Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them." Ephesians 5:11

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