Pornography is a Community Problem


Porn affects every one of us. Research clearly shows that porn, even 'soft-core' porn, is linked to increased levels of rape, child abuse, murder, violence against women and domestic violence. Each issue of Hustler, Loslyf and similar magazines features blatant obscenity. Many of the depictions are violent and show women in derogatory positions as "sex slaves" etc. The massive increase in rape in our country since porn was legalised is a bitter reproach to those who perpetrate the lie that pornography is a "victimless crime".

In research on porn:

* 86% of rapists admitted regular use of pornography, with 57% acting out the scenes depicted.

* Rapists are 15 times more likely than other people to have had exposure to hard-core porn during childhood.

* The Los Angeles Police Dept. found that in 60% of child molestation cases, adult or child porn was used to destroy the conscience of the child and teach them to model perverse behaviour.

* A Cleveland Ohio study showed that the incidence of rape and robbery was two to seven times higher where porn outlets were located.

* An astounding 81% of sex killers reported their biggest sexual interest was in reading pornographic materials and in compulsive masturbation.

* Ted Bundy, serial killer of possibly 31 young women, on the night before he was executed stated unequivocally that it was pornography that initially got him into rape and murder. He said that pornography fuelled his violent thoughts against women.

Porn is the theory; rape is the practise

Cape Town SAFELINE counsellor Lindi Wadhams says, "About 80% of the perpetrators (of sexual offences) I worked with admitted to being involved with pornography ranging from soft core pornography to hard core pornography." According to one sexual offender, "As an abuser I can say that pornography definitely played a role in my abusive patterns. Looking at material started my fantasising and from there I would show the pornography to my intended victim and watch their reaction. Sometimes I would get the victims to act out what they saw. I have no doubt in my mind that from my experience, pornograpy should be banned and that it is harmful." (In The Pornography Debate edited by D Meissner)

Porn makes a joke of child abuse

A regular feature of all porn magazines are photos of simulated child porn, that is, young women made up to look like pubescent girls, posing childishly, surrounded by cuddly toys and school satchels etc. The Child Victims of Prostitution study by UWC gives the example of Hustler magazine which used to publish cartoons by Dwaine Tinsley "who went by the pseudonym of 'Chester the Molester'. These cartoons depicted children being molested by their fathers and other adults. The child molesters are presented in an indulgent light, i.e. 'boys-will-be-boys', while children are depicted as 'asking for it', 'tolerating it' and 'enjoying being molested.' This cartoonist was eventually imprisoned for drugging and violently sexually abusing his daughter from the age of 13 to 18." She was left a suicidal drug addict.

Pornography ruins the mind

As a wife and mother, or husband and father, you should not tolerate pornography in your home or your community. You need to:

* Complain if you see porn in stores, and do not support shops that stock porn, including Hustler and Loslyf. Most shop owners respond positively to requests to remove porn, but they need to be encouraged to do so through complaints from customers.

* Become informed. Read books such as Finding Freedom from the Pornography Plague; South Africa - Renaissance or Reformation?; Make a Difference - a Christian Action Handbook for Southern Africa; and Putting Feet to your Faith (all available from ACA).

* Use every opportunity you have to speak the truth. Write to newspapers, your local political representatives and government officials to protest against the proliferation of porn in our communities. Support organisations such as Africa Christian Action that protest this abuse of women.

* Refuse to tolerate pornography in your home. Porn, whether videos or magazines, is a form of adultery and leads to abusive, manipulative behaviour. Porn will destroy your home. If you are concerned, see a Christian counsellor who will advise you on how to make the right steps and do what is best for your marriage and your children. Counselling is available day and night from Broken Bread Ministries (tel 021 9393333). You have to protect your family.

"Live as children of light...and find out what pleases the Lord. Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them." Ephesians 5:8-11

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