LIFE CHAINS - What Difference Can I Make?
MARCH for LIFE – 1 February 2021
The Unplanned Movie is Nearly Here! Find Your Nearest Cinema Screening
Please Love Us
Do Christians Care?
MARCH FOR LIFE – 30 January 2020
Massive Abortion Summit in Nairobi Fails
Unplanned Screenings Update
An INDICTMENT on Many Churches
Stand for Life Amidst the Culture of Death
Warn Government of the Consequences of Indoctrinating Children in Abortion and Perversity
Can you help? Speak Up for the Pre-Born at a Pro-Abortion Conference to be Held in Grahamstown
Major Irish media forced to retract ‘fake’ poll claiming most doctors support abortion
MARCH for LIFE – Thursday, 1 February 2018
Life Chains Counter Messages of Global Abortion Day
New British-Funded Programme to Promote Abortion at Community Clinics in South Africa
20 Years of Abortion in South Africa: Has the Church Grown Silent?
International Life Chain Sunday - 1 October 2017 - Mobilise Your Friends and Family
INTERNATIONAL LIFE CHAIN SUNDAY - 2 October 2016 Mobilise Your Friends and Family
Rescue Those Being Led Away to Death
Magnificent Mothers with a Mission
Euthanasia Court Case Ruling Sets Dangerous Precedent
Assisted Suicide Court Case Ironic and Tragic in the Midst of Xenophobia Murders
Abortion in South Africa: Has the Church Grown Silent?
What You Can Do About Illegal Abortionists
Tutu's Case for Euthanasia Will Fuel Prejudice
National Day of Repentance
“The Worst Day of My Life” – Woman Reveals Traumatic Experience At Marie Stopes Abortuary
Adoption Rescue Mission
Marie Stopes Launches New Campaign to Target Youth
National Day of Repentance 2018
This is Personal - Abortion Survivors Speak
Planned Parenthood Marks 60 Years, Pushes Abortion in South Africa
NCOP Ignores Public Submissions on Abortion Amendment Act (2007)
Doctors for Life Pro-Life Court Cases
Woman Abused by Abortionists - Case Goes to Court (2008)
Pro-life Witnessing and your Legal Rights
Christians Protest 16 Years of Legalised Abortion
Clinton Global Initiative and IPAS to Promote Abortion in Africa
How Abortionists Lie to Women
Hard Choices: Does Abortion Hurt or Help Women?
Legal and Illegal Abortions on the Rise
Imprecatory Prayer Proclamation
Abortion: Safe and Legal?
Arguing with an Abortionist
Deadly Deception
National Repentance
Two-Stage Abortions Overload Hospitals and Kill Mothers
Why Abortion for Rape Victims Harms, Not Helps Women
Worldview Blinders: Abortion-on-Demand and 'Missing' Women
Where Are All the Men? The Culpability of Men in the Abortion Holocaust
Life, Logic and Love
10 Arguments Against Abortion
Abortion - The Facts
Aborsie - Die Feite
Abortion - Poem
Abortions - Neither Safe nor Pain Free
Euthanasia - Poem
Listen to the Children
Milestones of Early Life
Mypale van Vroee Lewe
You Can Stop Abortions
Christians Stand for Life
Sanctity Life Sunday - 28 January 2018
International Life Chains Proclaim Right to Life of the Pre-born
Christians Protest 15 Years of Legalised Abortion
Advertising Standards Authority Rules Pro-life Bilboard 'Offensive'
Internnational Life Chains Proclaim Right to Life of the Pre-born
Marie Stopes Exposed
What Most Christians Do Not Understand about Abortion
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