Russia Hosts Family Conference


Family Conference in RussiaOver 1,000 delegates from all over the world were hosted by the Russian government in the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow for the Family and the Future of Humanity Conference. Organised in the name of St. Andrew and St. Basil Foundations, many of the presenters were housed at the exclusive President Hotel, reserved for official state business.

The International Forum confronted the "epoch of instability and social crisis" threatening "all key spheres of human development and civilisation. The destruction of moral standards… goodness, truth and beauty, and destruction of Faith in a creative natural order that distinguishes good from evil" was analysed and countered with pro-life, pro-family, moral Christian standards. Delegates discussed the "profound philosophical transformations…" of the "historical foundations of civilised human life…"

"Marriage between man and woman, with many children" was recognised as "the foundation of civilisation" and all threats to the family and war against the children through abortion, pornography, the redefinition of marriage, secular humanist education, evolutionism, and degenerate entertainment, as promoted by Hollywood, need to be exposed and opposed.


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