On 3 December, as 60,000 people flocked to Cape Town stadium, we mobilised a Gaga Concert Outreach team of 35 people who were there to meet the Gaga fans with a friendly smile and a question. "Did you get one of these?" We distributed over 6,000 Gospel leaflets including: "Going Gaga? Here is what to Expect…" , which used some of Gaga's lyrics to springboard into a Gospel message.

Hostile and Positive Reactions

Some were hostile, some swore at our team members and tore up the tracts. But others could be seen sitting and reading the tracts, or standing in groups discussing its content. Some were grateful and thanked us.

The Law of the Lord is Perfect - Converting the Soul

Our outreach team also conducted numerous Music and Your Spiritual Beliefs surveys with concert-goers. The surveys, based on Evangelism Explosion and Way of the Master questions, drew the participants into a Gospel discussion, using the Law of the Lord as the schoolmaster that leads us to Christ. Many Evangelistic discussions ensued.

Compassion for the Crowds

We were reminded of how our Lord had compassion on the crowds, because they were: "harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd" (Matthew 9:36).

A Challenge for Discipleship

We were concerned that numerous of the people that we spoke to claimed to be Christians, and yet were totally ignorant of how blasphemous and immoral Gaga 's shows are. Many parents, including those who claim to be regular church -goers were bringing small children, dressed up like Gaga to the concert. The ignorance of the Gospel demonstrated by those who claimed to be Christians is indicative of the lack of Biblical Gospel teaching in most churches.

The Need for Discernment

There is plainly a need for discernment in music choices. Many pastors, parents and youth leaders are apparently not warning their youth of the dangers of secular music and discipling them in a consistently Biblical worldview.

The Harvest is Large – The Workers Few

If we ever needed an example of how large the harvest field is, and how few the workers are, this was it. There are thousands of Christian churches in Cape Town, and yet we were the only outreach team there. A mere 35 people attempting to reach 60,000. Considering the enormity of the event, we had expected numerous churches to use the opportunity to reach out in Christian love to their neighbours with the life-giving Gospel of Christ.

The Great Omission

Yet, apparently, they had other priorities that night. We are a Mission, primarily focused on the persecuted Church, Evangelism and Discipleship training across the borders in more needy areas. Yet, here in Cape Town, we regularly find missionary opportunities such as these being ignored by local churches. Visit the Frontline Fellowship Facebook to view pictures of this event and outreach.

"Does not wisdom call out? Does not understanding raise her voice? On the heights, along the way, where the paths meet, she takes her stand; beside the gates leading into the city, at the entrance, she cries aloud. "Proverbs 8:1-3


On 21 November, we took part in a march against crime to parliament. Under the banner, Victims Against Crime, I spoke to the hundreds of protestors outside parliament, concerning what the Bible says: "Why do people commit crime so readily? Because crime is not punished quickly enough. "Ecclesiastes 8:11.

A Ministry of Justice

The Bible is very clear that God has instituted civil government as "an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. "Romans 13:4. The civil government is called to be a minister of justice: "To punish those who do wrong. "1 Peter 2:14

The Duties of Government

It is clear that the primary duties and responsibilities of civil government are the protection of law abiding citizens and the punishment of law breaking criminals. Psalm 101 reminds us that the duty of God-honouring rulers is to root out evil, to destroy the wicked and to protect the law abiding.

The Failure of Government

It is plain that the government in South Africa is failing to protect its citizens from crime and violence. The murder of over 3,000 farmers and their family members since 1994, is a catastrophe. In 1994, we had over 70,000 commercial farmers who fed over 100 million people. Today the number of commercial farmers is around 30,000, who are producing enough food for only 40 million people, whereas the population of South Africa is now 50 million. For the first time in our history, South Africa is having to import food.

The National Suicide of Zimbabwe

We only need to look North of our border to Zimbabwe to see the catastrophic consequences of undermining the agriculture foundations of a nation. It is national suicide to attack the farmers who feed everyone in the cities.

The Consequences of Disbanding the Commandos

Since 1719, the Commandos successfully protected farmers. Yet, for political reasons, the ANC government disbanded the Commando system, promising an effective alternative to protect farmers. To this date, nothing has been initiated and farmers are being murdered at a greater rate than even soldiers in a war zone. The South African government must return to the Biblical principles of execution for murder, rape and kidnapping, and restitution to be paid directly to the victim for all property crimes. Farm murders need to be made a priority crime. How is it possible that this government can make the stealing of copper wire a priority crime, but not farm murders!?

Resolute Action is Required

We need either a return of the Commandos, or an effective alternative to provide protection for isolated farmers, who are plainly being targeted by those who, along with prominent politicians, are openly singing: "Kill the Boer! Kill the Farmer! "

Memorandum and Media

These and other points that I presented outside parliament were recorded by a wide variety of media and a Memorandum from Afriforum was handed over to a representative of the government.

Evangelistic Opportunity

As at all other marches and demonstrations, we used the opportunity for mass literature Evangelism to the people marching, pedestrians, passers by, the police and to motorists at traffic lights.

See the Pictures

You can view pictures of these events on our Frontline Fellowship Facebook. Do also visit our Literature4Africa Facebook, for lots of inspiring pictures of the over 100 tonnes of Bibles and books freely distributed by Frontline Fellowship throughout Africa this year.

Thank You

We are very grateful for your prayers and support. May God abundantly bless and reward you for your faithfulness.

May the Lord continue to be your strength and shield.

Yours for the fulfilment of the Great Commission

Dr. Peter Hammond


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