chrome 2019-04-01 16-10-55Malicious Tokai Arsonists Sought

IOL and the Cape Times reported in January 2017 that rewards were offered for information on the people responsible for the eleven Tokai forest fires which were believed to have been started maliciously.


Suspicious Spate of Fires in Cape Town

On 18 January 2017, City of Cape Town’s Safety and Security member, J.P. Smith, stated: “The spate of fires is truly suspicious and we have an investigations team that is looking into it.” The Cape Times front page banner headline – “Firestorm – Arson suspected as scores of fires threaten lives and property in Cape.”


Persistent Pattern

28 January 2019, Robbie Erasmus from Enviro Wildlife reported on 9 fires ravaging different areas across the Western Cape in one week. Hundreds of firefighters were kept busy battling fires in Cape Town, Cederberg, Overberg and Overstrand. Mr Erasmus concluded, that while some causes may be natural, there was evidence of others having been started deliberately. Firefighters reported that fires were “never this bad”, this “persistent” and this “long-lasting” before. Wildfires ravaging mountains and forestry reserves is now becoming a pattern.


fr 2017814123612Arsonists in Action

29 October 2018, seven people, including a baby and a pregnant woman were killed in a Western Cape forest fire near Knysna. Helicopter pilots in the Knysna area reported seeing children starting forest fires while firefighters were battling 40 separate fires in the Knysna area simultaneously. The devastating fire on Signal Hill, January 2019, was proven to be arson.


Racist Incitement to Burn White Farmers

Lindsay Maasdorp of Black First Land First, posted on social media: “If it is a white-owned farm it must burn!” Thousands of hectares of forestry reserve in the Western Cape have been devastated by wildfires. Across the country, buildings such as the historic Bloemfontein City Hall, have been destroyed by deliberate arson. Many communities feel under siege by Marxist inspired land invaders and unprecedented arson attacks. Apple farmers in Elgin experienced malicious fires, burning thousands of crates just before harvest season. Destruction of farm equipment, barns, sheds, equipment, vineyards, orchards, crops and forests are evidently part of a Revolutionary Agenda. “The way of peace they have not known and there is no justice in their ways; they have made themselves crooked paths; whoever takes that way shall not know peace.” Isaiah 59:8


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