How to Set Up a Literature Table and Display at Your Local Mall



Women need real protection and respect – practical action, not pious platitudes from politicians and meaningless public holidays! Why not use Women’s Day this year (9 August) as an opportunity to inform, inspire and involve people in promoting awareness and taking action against the exploitation of women through rape, pornography and abortion?

On the 10 August, Women’s Day, Africa Christian Action will be setting up literature tables in three different shopping malls in the Cape Town area. Why don’t you consider doing a similar outreach in your area?

Follow the 9 P’s and you will be on your way to successfully making a positive difference to the lives of our precious women and children.


  • Before, during and after. Prayer is the foundation for action.


  • Recruit helpers to plan and participate.
  • Decide on date, time, place and advertising strategy.


  • Contact the management of the Shopping Mall in your area and ask if you can set up a table in a public area of the mall, to promote awareness to combat the exploitation of women. Urge them for a prompt response for your advertising and recruitment purposes. They will probably give you some forms to fill in.
  • Always take the letter of permission with you to the outreach.

Personal Invitation

  • Approach your pastor with a humble and teachable attitude.
  • Share the vision, scriptures and give him materials on the issues
  • Urge him to announce your outreach.


  • Advertise on radio, your own publications, church bulletins, church announcements and personal invitations.
  • Actively recruit with tracts and other teaching materials.
  • Appoint helpers to wear specific badges or shirts.


  • Press releases before and after the event. Invite them and write a mini article to tell them how it went, something they can use for the publication. Send a clear, story-telling photo.

Placards – information boards and displays

  • Big lettering, able to read from a distance, black or red on white or black on yellow work best. Laminating signs makes them more durable.
  • Keep it simple, clear and straightforward. Remember the purpose is to inform and challenge.


  • It is important to use the occasion for literature distribution to inform, inspire and involve.
  • Contact Africa Christian Action for quantities of leaflets e.g. “Abortion – the Facts”, “Women are Precious and Should be Protected” and “Finding Freedom from Pornography”. We request a small donation for the postage costs. Distribute these from your table and use them as a springboard for discussions about these issues.


  • Have a clipboard handy to take down the contact details of people who are interested in joining the Africa Christian Action mailing list (or your organisation) and who are interested in taking part in outreaches and demonstrations in the future.
  • Have your representatives be as informed as possible.

“But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” 1 Peter 3:15.


  • Remember to praise the Lord regardless of the human outcome of the outreach. If you have been faithful, He will see to the results.
  • How to Set Up a Literature Table

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