Greetings and Testimonies on Africa Christian Action's 20th Anniversary (2011)


Message from Rev Erlo Stegen - KwaSizabantu Mission
We have observed two decades of brave ministry done by Africa Christian Action. The road has not been easy and ACA has been through many battles. Only those willing to be "there where the action is" face the criticisms and anger of the world. The risk is greater, but so is the reward. May God lead you by His Spirit and use you mightily in the years to come.

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

Message from Rev Bill Bathman – Chairman, Frontline Fellowship
Congratulations on the occasion of your 20th Anniversary! As you enter your third decade of ministry we want to express our sincere appreciation for setting a Biblical example for us to follow and positive goals to which we can aspire.

The name says it all – Africa: the sphere defined (but the problems exposed and the principles to confront them could apply worldwide). Christian. This identifies the foundation on which the whole enterprise rests and the worldview it projects. Action: challenges us to put feet to our faith. The inspiring articles in each issue of your magazine motivate us to not simply be hearers of the Word, but doers also. The uncompromising message is, "Don't just sit there and moan over the situation facing us as believers, but get off your gluteus maximus and do something about it." Amen, to that!

But it doesn't stop with the challenge. Each issue of CA is packed full of practical ways of 'how to' intelligently engage the forces opposed to the Gospel and defeat them, reminding us that, "greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world." I John 4:4

The creative ways seem innumerable in which ACA reaches out to turn nations back to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. These include: pro–life marches, witnessing in various shopping Malls on Women's Day, providing university students with helpful books, Biblical Worldview Seminars, Salt and Light radio programmes, plus well over a quarter of a million Biblical Issues Voters' Guide distributed across South Africa – just to name a few.

The human dynamo behind much of this activity is the diminutive, quiet–spoken Taryn Hodgson, International Co-ordinator working efficiently to get the job done. With Taryn as the 'motor' and Dr. Hammond as the writer–motivator, along with hundreds of gifted volunteers and partners, ACA has a winning combination to effectively make an important contribution to fulfilling the Great Commission in our generation.

Well done ACA Team, for the first 20! God's speed for the next!

Message from Mrs Dorothea Scarborough, Chairman – Christian Action Network and Gospel Defence League
Congratulations on 20 years of Christian activism. We are proud of you for so fearlessly standing against all ungodliness and so courageously honouring Christ in all areas of life.

Message from Miriam Cain, Director – Abba House, former ACA co-ordinator
Thank you for the faithful witness the Africa Christian Action team has been across the sub-continent of Africa! I believe that the seed that ACA has sown will bear fruit in the corporate life and laws of South Africa. ACA has been at the forefront of the fight against many moral problems in South Africa and many people would be blissfully unaware of the dangers that surround us without the ministry of ACA.

Certainly in my own life, my work at ACA was instrumental in developing my thinking on Biblical ethics. One of the things I learned was that extremism is dangerous and that balance mustn’t be mistaken for fence-sitting! The Bible teaches both Grace and Truth, and we need to show grace and love to the sinner without bending God’s Truth. We are called to have boldness in proclaiming the Truth of God’s Word but also tenderness in practically showing God’s love to those hurting.

I believe the tragedy of abortion demonstrates this so well. We are called to take a stand and say that abortion kills babies and hurts women, but we are also called to care for the woman caught in a crisis pregnancy or suffering as a result of abortion. Galatians 6:1 says: “If someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently. But watch yourself, or you also may be tempted.” Pride and self-righteousness are also sins that need to be repented of. We have all sinned and we all need a Saviour! Let us not, by our attitude, slam the door in the face of someone needing help after an abortion. Another important way we can care, is to consider adopting a baby whose mother chose to give birth and release her baby instead of aborting her baby.

Rescuing abandoned and unwanted babies has been the historic position of the Christian Church. Dr George Grant, in his book “Third Time Round” states: “In Rome, Christians rescued babies that had been abandoned on the exposure walls outside the city – often illegally and at great risk to themselves. These foundlings would then be adopted and raised in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. … Clearly, Christians were not simply against child-killing. They were for life. Whenever and wherever the Gospel went out, believers emphasized the priority of good works, especially works of compassion toward the needy.”

May each of us remember to prioritise our relationship with the Lord, but flowing from our love for the Lord should be service for Him! My prayer is that by God’s grace, as He uses ministries like Africa Christian Action, laws would be changed, traditions uprooted and lives would be saved both on here on earth and for eternity. May the Lord bless and extend the influence of Africa Christian Action in the next twenty years!

Message from Charl van Wyk of Africa Christian Action:
When Peter Hammond explained the vision of Salt Shakers at a Saturday morning conference in a local Cape Town city centre church, I was dumbstruck. The reason? I had been thinking about the need for just such an organization—one that would lead the Christian community in its quest for making known the tenants of true freedom found only in obedience to the Word of God.

This happened 20 years ago. Since then, having changed its name to Africa Christian Action, the organisation has grown from small beginnings to achieving incredible influence in the current socio-political climate of South Africa.

Many Christian individuals around the country were doing what they could to stem the onslaught of sin that seemed to flood into every facet of life. What was needed was a concerted, organized effort by Christians to encourage believers to “...have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.” Ephesians 3:24

Prayer, Strategy and Action
Having started by mailing out monthly packages with Projects for groups to engage in with prayer, Bible study and action, Africa Christian Action soon jumped into the age of new technology and mightily expanded its effectiveness. Through one email, thousands of concerned Christians were reached and moved to prayerfully act on an issue of importance; one press release would lead to 15 media interviews, and another to letters to the editor published in numerous newspapers around the country.

One of the greatest characteristics of Africa Christian Action is its networking. Over the years it’s teamed with many other Christian organizations in working toward the Lordship of Christ being established and His will being done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

It is not a question of what wonderful things we have done, but rather what the Lord has allowed us to be involved in for His honour and glory.

The Media Takes Notice
The liberal media, Parliament and large corporations became incensed at the show of force by the “small minority of radical Christians”.

A pornography magazine editor in a telephone call threatened to expose “the Christians” in South Africa as we worked towards seeing his magazine file for bankruptcy, when Christians refused to support businesses advertising in porn publications.

Front-page news in a national newspaper showed Parliament bemoaning the fact that 80 percent of medical staff would not in any way take part, or be associated with, abortions in government hospitals.

Retail corporations paid heed when Christians refused to shop at their stores until all sexually explicit material had been removed.

One front-page newspaper article quoted a porn magazine editor complaining that a “couple of old ladies in a dark room” had a vendetta against his magazine. We pointed out that it was a bunch of young men who were doing this, in the light, and for all to see.

Christians stand up
Abortion facilities were exposed. Marches on Parliament brought about great changes in decision making as God’s Name being included in the new constitution was debated. Christian radio stations were saved from being closed down by government “regulators.” Legalization of prostitution was halted. Gambling joints were shuttered. And same-sex marriages were warned about years before they were legalized.

Lives were saved as Christians took to the streets with banners proclaiming “Abortion kills babies” and handed out tracts explaining God’s heart on the horrific murder of the unborn.

Through Peter’s vision and the blessing of wonderful co-workers such as Martha McComb, Miriam Cain, Rob and Christine McCafferty and Taryn Hodgson, the Lord blessed the work of Africa Christian Action.

Women’s Day outreaches, plays outside Parliament and pro-life demonstrations hit the national television news, newspapers, radio and magazines.

For over 15 years, our radio programme, Salt and Light, on Radio Tygerberg has been an encouragement to many who thought that giving up was the only option when confronted with such an avalanche of sin and chaos. One pastor mentioned that many of them listen to Salt and Light to keep abreast of what is going on in the Christian community and socio-political arena in South Africa.

May the Lord bless and keep Christian Action so that we truly will see His Kingdom come and His will being done. May we rejoice in yet another 20 years of service to King Jesus.

Message from Rob and Christine McCafferty, former ACA co-ordinators
Twenty years of nation-changing hard work on the part of many wonderful people who have carried the baton over the years. Congratulations Peter on keeping it going all these two decades. Thanks Taryn for everything you are doing to keep the vision alive and to keep fighting for God's Truth to prevail so that South Africa can be blessed.

Message from Hardus Zevenster, CEO - Radio Tygerberg
“Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever.”
Daniel 12:3

Congratulations on a milestone anniversary. We at Radio Tygerberg are proud to be associated with an organization who takes God’s Word as the golden standard by which the most difficult and contentious matters can be judged and reviewed without compromise with the worldly view. May you continue to pursue your driving passion with zeal and fervor and may you have the joy of knowing that eternity is blessed with countless lost souls who have found redemption through your ministry.

Message from Rev Kenneth Meshoe, President – African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP)
I salute all the Africa Christian Action soldiers for a remarkable 20 years of successful ministry, particularly on the African continent.

My heart is always moved by the testimonies of courage and perseverance from your team members, even in the midst of danger and persecution. I thank God for your role and endeavours to fulfil the Great Commission. Your publications, tapes, and DVDs have blessed many Christians including myself and our church youth group.

The African Christian Democratic Party has also benefited much from your resource department, and we have used some of your literature in training our members in Biblical Worldview seminars.

Special mention must go to Dr Peter Hammond whose courage, diligence and passion for evangelism is an inspiration to me and many others.

Thank you all for the great work you are doing for the Master and Lord of the Harvest.

I pray that the Lord will continue to supply all your needs, protect you, and use you for His honour and glory.

We’d like to hear from you!
Do you have a testimony of answered prayer
(however small, great or old) to a Christian Action related issue to share with us? Do you have any good photos of action taken? Those who send us the best testimonies, or photos, will receive a free book or CD from our in-house publications or audio resources. These testimonies may also be published in our next Christian Action magazine, on our website, or on our new Facebook page. The best contribution/testimony will receive a complimentary copy of Africa Christian Action’s new DVD boxset.

‘Action Group Hub’ Facebook page
We have created a new Africa Christian Action Facebook page. I envision this page acting as a ‘hub’ for Action Groups/action-minded individuals and churches to connect, network, post reports and inspire each other with ideas for action – particularly on pro-life and pro-family issues.

It might also help you find action-minded individuals in your area that you could team up with to pray and take action on issues in your community.

Type in Africa Christian Action in your search function on Facebook. Click on “like”. This will then enable you to see posts in your newsfeed and will hopefully inspire others to join this grassroots movement for Reformation and Revival.

Christian Action 20 th Anniversary DVD Now Available
Be informed and inspired by this 3-disc DVD set of footage of Christian Action outreaches, marches and debates on national TV. Footage includes the 1995 March to Parliament against the Paganisation of South Africa, The Big Question debate on Gun Control; Debate on the Death Penalty, Crux Christian programme and TV News on the Pink Agenda, National Day of Repentance and Life Chain footage.

This DVD set is available for R150 from Christian Liberty Books: 021-689 7478,   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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