Christian Action Network Conferences in Zambia



By God's grace the Director of the Christian Action Network, Dr. Peter Hammond conducted two very successful Christian Action Network conferences in Lusaka, Zambia. Over 800 pastors, teachers, chaplains and evangelists participated in the two CAN conferences, Saturday, 30 April and Saturday, 7 May.

Libraries for Pastors

Over 2,000 books were distributed to CAN members and participants in these conferences. Evangelists received Mark Cahill's One Thing You Can't Do in Heaven, or One Heartbeat Away books, teachers received Dr. David Noebel's The Battle For Truth , Bishops and overseers received Faith and Courage - Commentary on Acts, Winning the War Against Radical Islam by Dr. Robert Morey and Practical Discipleship by Dr. Peter Hammond. Pastors received Practical Discipleship and The Ten Commandments - God's Perfect Law of Liberty. Some businessmen were entrusted with Privatisation for Prosperity books. Many other books, CDs, DVDs and MP3s were also delivered and distributed to CAN members.

Leadership Training

Dr. Peter Hammond gave presentations on the Islamic Revolution in the Middle East, What is the Difference between Christianity and all other Religions, An Overview of 20 years of Africa Christian Action, Recognising God's Voice, Mugabe's Blood Diamonds and the Chinese New Colonialism, How Can a Good God Allow Evil?, How South Sudan won its Freedom, and the Field Director of Frontline Fellowship, John Leach, presented a Comparison of Islam and Christianity and screened one of the Islam Rising films.

Lusaka Declaration

At the CAN conference on 30 April, a Board of 12 members was elected for Christian Action Zambia. At the 7 May Reformation and Revival Conference Christian Action Zambia deliberated on, drafted and voted to accept and send out the Lusaka Declaration.

Working for Reformation in Zambia

Dr. Peter Hammond was invited to conduct Reformation History lectures at the Justo Mwale Theological University College. He also was received by cabinet ministers and interviewed on national radio and TV. He spoke at numerous church services, was interviewed for newspapers, met the heads of media ministries, and had a special meeting with the Commissioner of Police and Chaplains for the Zambian Police.

Literature Distribution

Boxes of Christian Action Magazines, tracts and leaflets were distributed and over 3,000 copies of Biblical Principles for Using Your Vote. National elections are scheduled for this year. Zambia is officially, by Constitutional Amendment, committed to being a Christian nation. Abortion is illegal. Pornography is banned. Homosexuality is a crime. The Bible and prayer are in schools and Parliament.

We pray that these resources will encourage Zambians to elect God-fearing, capable and trustworthy men as government officials in their elections later this year. We pray also, that with the help of Almighty God, Zambians will continue to work for Reformation and pray for Revival.

"Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people." Proverbs 14:34

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