Hate Speech Bill’ Threat to freedom of religion LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD


03b9f16b943c4a33f45ceb933890e040.jpgDear Friend of Christian Action


You need to be aware of the deadline for submissions against the proposed ‘Hate Speech Bill’ which might be signed as law unless we citizens of South Africa object in large numbers.  We encourage you to please respond promptly, and to also mobilize your relatives, friends and congregations to help oppose this dangerous, far-reaching bill while we still have the opportunity.  This could be the last chance for the public to object to this bill which will impact negatively on freedom of religion in South Africa if signed into law.


Hate Speech Bill Threat to freedom of religion LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD 2If we do not speak up before the deadline of Monday 22 May 2023 @ 13:00, this bill might be passed by Parliament and then go to the President to be signed as law as early as August this year.  You can then be sentenced to jail for up to 8 years for a first offence, for saying something which someone percieves as hateful or substantially hurts their emotions or offends their feelings, according to Michael Swain, of  FOR SA.  If that is the South Africa which you want you and your children to live in, then you can  sit back and do nothing.  But if not, have your say today, also encouraging others to make their submissions to Parliament.  Doing nothing might lead to us as Christians being muzzled – no longer free to preach, teach, write, post and propagate the truth and promote the Gospel throughout South Africa.


Hate Speech Bill Threat to freedom of religion LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD 3We encourage you to make use of one of these options to speak up against this bill – either at https://dearsouthafrica.co.za/hate-crimes-and-hate-speech-ncop/ or  https://www.forsa.org.za , or address your submissions to:


The Hon. S. Shaik, MP,

Chairperson: Select Committee on Security and Justice (National Council of Provinces)

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


On the www.forsa.org.za website homepage, click the red box which says "HAVE YOUR SAY VIA THE DEARSA PLATFORM", and then fill in the boxes.


Hate Speech Bill Threat to freedom of religion LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD 4Not sure what to say? Click on the "FOR SA objections" box to see the main objections Christians have to this proposed law and use them (copy/ paste? adapt) in the 'comment" box provided.


This is a battle which by God's grace we can win!  Let each one of us do whatever we can to help ensure that we may continue to freely spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.


May God continue to be your joy and strength

yours for Faith and freedom

in His service

Dr.Peter Hammond


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