World Conquest - Poem


1) Take guns from the innocent,

Now, defenceless the hapless crowd.

In walk those with evil intent,

Brandished arms, illegal and proud!

2) When chaos reigns in society,

Enter the powers that would be.

Clothes in robes of liberty,

Yet world conquest is their hot key!

3) Clever universal currency,

Governments yield to the one.

Syncretize religious community.

Gaining world power, almost done!

4) Resist this world superiority,

Do not let them take control.

Hold to you nation’s sovereignty,

Or be snared and hooked on their roll!

5) Revealed in the Book of Ages,

Ten heads reigning from seven hills.

Obscured when written on those pages,

Now almost news, the Man of many Ills!

Andrew Brian Du Preez

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