Effective Ugandan AIDS "Vaccine"



"As AIDS sweeps across Africa, Uganda remains a lone success story, as millions of Ugandans have embraced traditional sexual morality," according to a report from the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute. Many Ugandans embrace sexual abstinence outside of marriage and fidelity within marriage in order to avoid infection.

Nevertheless the international AIDS community has been reluctant to promote this strategy elsewhere, continuing, instead, to place its faith in condoms. The report says that according to a US Agency for International Development (USAID) study of Uganda, "HIV prevalence peaked at around 15 percent in 1991, and had fallen to 5 percent as of 2001. This dramatic decline in prevalence is unique worldwide." USAID believes "The most important determinant of the reduction in HIV incidence in Uganda appears to be a decrease in multiple sexual partnerships and networks." USAID concludes that "the effect of HIV prevention in Uganda, particularly partner reduction, during the past decade appears to have had a similar impact as a potential medical vaccine of 80 percent efficacy ..." (Abstinence)

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