UCT Student Suspended from SRC for Facebook Posting on Gay 'Marriage'


Family Policy Institute reports:

A Christian University of Cape Town (UCT) student was suspended from the Student Representative Council (SRC) this week for expressing her Biblical beliefs on her personal Facebook page.

Zizipho Pae, a final year Economics and Statistics student and Vice-President of the SRC at UCT, joined millions of people around the world by posting her opinion on her Facebook page in response to the recent US Supreme Court ruling that legalised same-sex “marriage" in all 50 states in America.

She wrote, “We are institutionalising and normalising sin. God have mercy on us.” The backlash to her brief post went beyond irrational. Homosexual activists at UCT launched a vicious tirade of hate and intimidation against her that defies description. Ironically, the attackers demand tolerance.

Homosexual pornography and the most depraved anti-Christian blasphemy was posted on her Facebook page. She was also personally threatened, insulted and vilified in the most despicable ways.

Her SRC office was trashed. Scriptures pinned on her office walls were ripped off and stomped on. Semi-naked homosexual activists photographed themselves in her office in lewd poses.

Despite the awful abuse and intimidation of Zizi, UCT management have repeatedly and publicly expressed their commitment to protect LGBTI "rights", but not the rights of Christians!   

UCT’s management have taken no action against those perpetrating the harassment and appalling criminal attacks against Zizipho Pae. But they have suspended her for her Biblical convictions.

The is blatant and outrageous anti-Christian discrimination! Homosexual students and every other group are allowed to freely express their thoughts and opinions at UCT – except Christians!

UCT demanded Zizi retract and apologise for her Biblical statement. She refused!

The SA Constitution protects Zizi’s right to free speech and expression. The Constitution also protects her freedom to express her religious beliefs and her right to articulate her thoughts and opinions.

In 2009, UCT featured the most appalling blasphemy of the name of Jesus Christ in their annual “Sax Appeal” charity magazine. When they were challenged, they defended the students responsible for the blasphemous outrage - by appealing to the “free speech” protections in the constitution.

Alarmingly, a Christian student at UCT expressing her Biblical beliefs on her personal Facebook page is not found worthy of similar “free speech” protections. In fact, she is being threatened with expulsion!

Homosexual activists have called Zizi's scholarship funders and demanded they stop supporting her.  

You and I must not remain silent in the face of this blatant and unfair anti-Christian discrimination at UCT. Christians have a right to believe God’s Word and express their beliefs without fear of attack!

Please write to UCT Vice Chancellor, Dr Max Price at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request that he urgently intervene to stop the horrendous attacks and anti-Christian bigotry against Zizipho Pae.

Also write to SRC president, Ramabina Mahapa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request that he not cave in to homosexual bully tactics and also protect the constitutional rights of Christian students at UCT.

Resources to Counter-Act the Homosexual Agenda
Friday the 26th of June’s Supreme Court Ruling was a sad day for America – in the light of this, where is South Africa heading?
With the extraordinary pressures to re-define marriage and accommodate the demands by gay activists for homosexual unions to be accepted as "marriage", many are asking: Well, what difference does it make?
If you think that the homosexual agenda won’t affect you or your family – you are wrong. As The Pink Agenda documents, the sexual revolutionaries want to transform the very fabric of society, they intend to reconstruct the family, and homosexualise the schools - and they want government funding (your taxes) to do it! Freedom of speech and toleration of dissent are a fruit of Christianity, and seldom in history have these freedoms been more at risk. We need an open and intelligent debate on the homosexual agenda:
*Does medical science support the claim that people who get involved in homosexuality are born that way and cannot change?
*Are homosexual activists really just wanting the same rights as everyone else or are they after special rights and privileges?
*What would be the economic implications for businesses and taxpayers if homosexual partnerships were entitled to the same benefits as marriages?
*What health risks are involved in homosexual and lesbian activities?
*Why do men involved in homosexuality and sodomy have an average life expectancy of 42 compared to 73 for other men?
*Why are homosexuals 24 times more likely to commit suicide than other people?
*Why are those involved in homosexuality more likely to sexually molest a child?
*Does the international "gay" movement agenda include the lowering of the age of consent for sex with children, especially boys, and the normalisation of paedophilia?
*What is being taught to 10-year-olds in South African schools about homosexuality and bisexuality?
*Have politicians, radio stations, Christian ministers and others been sued, fined and imprisoned in other countries for speaking against homosexuality, and is there a similar agenda for South Africa?
*South Africa is the only country in the world with a constitution that specifically protects "sexual orientation". Legally and politically, what does this mean for our country?
All these questions are clearly dealt with and well documented in The Pink Agenda. The homosexual activists own writings make it abundantly clear that, as part of a vast social engineering project, the pink agenda will not settle for the deviant being declared normal. They insist that the normal must be declared deviant.
With governments promoting homosexual pseudo-marriage right now, you need to be equipped with the facts, and an understanding of where it will all end - if we don’t stop the tidal wave! This book will equip you with ways to ensure that we do not only resist the homosexualisation for future generations, but that we turn back the tide of sexual revolution in our country.
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