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School and Church Library Donations
Over the past 22 years, the Christian Action Network has donated thousands of books and audio-visual resources to pastors’ libraries and church, college and school libraries throughout Africa.

Our goal is to provide books and audio-visual resources to inspire Christians, pastors, teachers and learners to counter the lies of humanist propaganda, reclaim their Christian heritage and be inspired by examples of excellence – Heroes of the Faith. We want to involve them in working for Reformation and praying for Revival in their communities.

Libraries for Africa
Consider purchasing extra copies of books such as Victorious Christians, Biblical Principles for Africa (also in Afrikaans), Answering Skeptics, Make a Difference or The Pink Agenda and MP3 Boxsets such as Heroes of the Faith or Answering Skeptics to donate to your church library, or to a school near you. Resources can be purchased from Christian Liberty Books. Alternatively, you can contribute financially towards our donations to libraries. Click here for our bank details.

You can also read more about our “Libraries for Africa” project on the William Carey Bible Institute website.

The Pink Agenda
The Pink Agenda warns of the Pink Agenda (the homosexualising of South Africa) which includes changes to laws to promote homosexuality. The book warned of the coming homosexual co-adoptions (legalised at court level, 10 September 2002) and the institutionalisation of so-called homosexual “marriages” (“civil unions”, 2006). So far the book's accuracy has proven to be prophetic.

Frighteningly, The Pink Agenda goes on to warn of the next wave in the sexual revolution, the acceptance of paedophilia (the South African Law Commission at one stage paved the way for paedophilia by proposing changes to the Child Care Act that would allow children to enter marriage-type relationships).

The homosexual lobby has full access to the youth of South Africa through the current sexually explicit curriculum. CEO of Love Life (at the time), Dr David Harrison, told a gathering of evangelical ministers (10 October 2002), representatives for the Muslim Judicial Council and Jewish Ecclesiastical Board, that Love Life promotes homosexuality, and will not back down, and that homosexuality is enshrined in the Constitution. However, the Constitutional Court ruled that "…those persons who for reasons religious or other belief disagree with or condemn homosexual conduct are free to hold and articulate such beliefs." We should therefore take full advantage of this opportunity while there is still hope. The message of Love Life is reaching hundreds of thousands of youth every month, especially through their media campaigns. Love Life is a front for Planned Parenthood, which is the world's largest abortion provider.

Chapter 7 of The Pink Agenda deals with the homosexualisation of sex education. Christian youth workers in public schools are beginning to see the signs - more homosexual experimentation and general confusion about the moral correctness of the homosexual behaviour and acts. The Pink Agenda offers hope for the person trapped in the homosexual lifestyle, references over 80 scientific studies, looks at the myth that people are born gay, reviews the history of the homosexual movement in South Africa and considers the implications for marriage, the family and society.

To combat the homosexualisation of South Africa's youth Africa Christian Action aims to donate a copy of The Pink Agenda to as many teachers and school libraries in the country as possible. Each Pink Agenda book costs R58.

To do this, we need your help!

"Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them." Ephesians 5:11

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