Frequently Asked Questions on Homosexuality and So-Called Homosexual 'Marriages'


These FAQs are helpful for Letters to the Editor, radio phone-in programmes and answering difficult questions.

Q: Aren't we denying homosexuals their rights by not supporting same-sex marriage?

Homosexuals enjoy all the rights every citizen has: they can vote, own property, etc. That is not the issue. The issue is about redefining the creation ordinance and social institution of marriage, as it has been understood and transmitted, down through the centuries throughout civilisation. Homosexuals have precisely the same right to marry as anyone else. Marriage is the bringing together of a man and a woman. To enter marriage, one must meet its qualifications. Society has always defined qualifications about who may enter a marriage, and who may not. For example, there is discrimination on the basis of "family": a brother and sister may also not marry. Any attempt to get around the rules that apply to everyone else is an attempt to have special rights, not equal rights. When homosexuals are not allowed to marry each other in the eyes of the state, they suffer no more discrimination than do brothers and sisters.

Q: In restricting marriage to one man and one woman, aren't you imposing your beliefs on others?

Those who are trying to radically redefine marriage for their own purposes are the ones who are imposing their values on the rest of the population. Marriage, of men and woman, has been the foundation of civilisation for thousands of years. Any attempt to alter that definition is an effort to undermine the most fundamental building block of every society: the family unit.

Q: Whom does it affect if a same-sex couple wants to get married?

When homosexual couples seek civil and public approval and all the benefits that the state reserves for married couples, they seek to impose the law on everyone:

  • Businesses will be required to extend employee benefits such as pensions, etc. to homosexual "spouses." This is already starting to happen in South Africa.
  • School curricula would be required to treat homosexual "marriage" as morally equal to traditional, heterosexual marriage. In schools, Planned Parenthood is already training teachers to teach children that homosexual behaviour is normal and moral. Homosexual lobby groups have embarked on public education campaigns to ensure the acceptance of homosexuality as a norm in society. They are forcing their values on everyone else.
  • Same-sex "marriage" would facilitate the adoption of children by homosexual couples. Single homosexuals can already adopt, although there is no research indicating any positive effects of being raised in a homosexual home. What research does confirm, however, is that the family environment most conducive to the wellbeing of children has both a mother and a father.
  • Law is not a suggestion, it is force. Official government sanction of same-sex relationships as "marriage" would position the government in opposition to the convictions of the vast majority who believe that marriage can only be between a man and a woman. Traditional Biblical morality would, in effect, be outlawed. Homosexuals want to make it illegal to speak against any aspect of homosexual behaviour.

Q: But if two people love each other, why not let them marry?

If the definition of marriage is radically altered and based on "feelings" or "love", then there is no logical reason for not letting several people marry, or for gutting other requirements, such as minimum age and blood relative status. For example, if there were no restrictions on marriage and feelings were all that mattered, fathers could marry their own daughters or brothers could marry their sisters. Any person, of any age, could marry anyone he wished or any number of persons he wished-a close relative, three young children, etc. If there were no restrictions on marriage, the possible arrangements would be endless.

Q: Don't studies show that homosexuals are born that way?

Absolutely not. The genetic studies that have been publicised have been misrepresented in the media. The studies themselves typically have tiny sample sizes, biased selection, and other major methodological flaws, and are not replicated by reputable scientists. By contrast, 70 years of therapeutic counselling and case studies show a remarkable consistency about the origins of the homosexual impulse as an uncompleted gender identity seeking after its own sex to replace what was not fully developed. Homosexuals can choose their behaviour, and they can change their sexual preference, as researchers Masters & Johnson and Robert L. Spitzer showed in their studies, and as numerous testimonies of ex-homosexuals reveal.

Q: For the past, Black and White people were discriminated against by apartheid laws. Eventually, these laws were overturned. Aren't same-sex couples being similarly discriminated against?

Skin colour and sexual behaviour are entirely different from each other. Skin colour is a benign, inborn characteristic that has no bearing on conduct or character; sexual behaviour, on the other hand, is based on a person's actions and has to do with character, morality and basic rules of conduct. If special rights are granted to citizens based on behaviour, new laws would have to be passed almost daily to accommodate the flood of claims based on any activity. Smokers, compulsive gamblers, paedophiles, polygamists, thieves, etc., could all claim new "rights" to protection against discrimination.

Q: Isn't the traditional view of marriage religious in nature? And if so, doesn't the restriction of marriage to a man and a woman violate the religious beliefs of those who disagree?

As regards religion, the five major world religions, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism all recognise the natural, heterosexual understanding of marriage. By contrast, these religions teach that homosexual behaviour is sinful or wrong. But besides religion, every culture, race and custom in South Africa as a norm has historically and traditionally upheld marriage as between men and women. Marriage is also an independently quantifiable good for society, providing stability and protection for the next generation. That is why marriage has always been protected in law. The state has an interest in preserving and protecting the special status of marriage, regardless of religious beliefs. Parents raise future citizens, workers and voters, essential for any society.

Q: What about childless couples? If marriage must be protected partly because of its importance in forming families, does this mean that heterosexual couples who don't want or can't have children should not be allowed to marry?

Although most people marry with the intention of someday starting families, married couples who do not have children still have the potential of becoming mothers and fathers, either biologically or through adoption. They then have the potential to bring up children offering them ideal conditions for growing and maturing into healthy individuals. An infertile heterosexual couple can offer ideal conditions to an adopted child- a mother and a father. Two men or two lesbians can never offer that. But marriage is a societal good even without children. Sociologists tell us that marriage has a powerful effect on society, deterring individuals from socially harmful behaviour. Marriage also contributes to the health and longevity of both husbands and wives. Additionally, marriage encourages sexual regulation, a characteristic that historically has been the most important factor in creating and preserving healthy and productive cultures. It is the breakdown in society of marriage, commitment and sexual faithfulness that has led to the STD and HIV/AIDS epidemic. We therefore need to work harder to preserve marriage. Procreation is an important aspect of society's high regard for marriage, but it is not the only reason that marriage is protected.

Q: But what's the big fuss about gays? What about adulterers?

Problems associated with the breakdown of the family, including adultery, are being addressed. The concerns about 'partnerships' and marriage benefits to couples who ‘shack up’ are equally serious. Children are being born into relationships where there is no permanent commitment between the man and the woman. The effects of divorce and separation on children are devastating.

Acknowledgements to and adapted from Robert H. Knight, Family Research Council, and Focus on the Family. These FAQs form Appendix 6 of The Pink Agenda book.

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