How does one become a member of Africa Christian Action?



The task is great and the workers are few ‑ nobody can do everything, but we can all do something, and what we can do we must do, and what we must do we will do by the grace of God who gave us our life, talents, gifts and opportunities.

One person can make a difference. You are never too young, too old, too insignificant, too handicapped, or too busy that you cannot make a difference.

Africa Christian Action is a grassroots movement of volunteers. Our strategy involves a network of organisations co-ordinating volunteers in home or church fellowships. You can start or join an ‘Action Group’ or ‘Transformation Team’! Request a Starter Pack and purchase a copy of Make a Difference: A Christian Action Handbook for Southern Africa.

There is no membership to Africa Christian Action as such. If you would like to find out how you can transform your community, we encourage you to join our Facebook page, E-mailing list and subscribe to our Christian Action magazine to keep yourself informed and up-to-date. We send out regular updates and information through our E-list and Christian Action magazine about how you can make a difference and get your church involved: e.g. outreaches, demonstrations, prayer vigils and letter writing campaigns. Also, you can visit Action Items on our website for report-backs and upcoming events.

If, however, your church fellowship or ministry would like to be affiliated to the Christian Action Network, please contact the Christian Action Network Co-ordinator for an application form and constitution: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Tel: +2721 689 4480 or PO Box 23632, Claremont, 7735, South Africa.

The Christian Action Network is an umbrella body of Christian congregations and organisations that stand together in the socio-political arena to uphold the Lordship of Jesus Christ in all areas of life. CAN represents it’s 100 member organisations to government and to the media. CAN puts out press statements, makes submissions and representations to Parliament, and presents a co-ordinated voice on mutual concerns shared by the member organisations.

Christian Action P.O.Box 23632 Claremont 7735 Cape Town South Africa - 021-689-4481 -
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