Which political party should I vote for?


Thank you very much for your email concerning the Biblical Issues Voters Guide.

Christian Action is attempting to provide an objective, Biblical guide to various political parties on the eight chosen Biblical issues.

Yes, there are three Christian political parties identified on the website. We have tried to encourage the various Christian political parties to unite under a single banner, and some have been responsive to this.

Obviously a Bible believing Christian is not going to want to waste his votes on parties which adhere to un-Biblical stands. Therefore our choices are limited to those who are pro-life, pro-family, Christian parties.

You ask how can you choose between the different Christian political parties offered. May I suggest that you decide this in terms of which of the parties you believe are most effective, and which you personally trust. Do you have any personal contact with any of these parties?

Which of these Christian political parties is most active and visible in your constituency?

Do you have any personal relationship with individual candidates?

I'm most encouraged that you are asking the question of which of the Christian political parties to vote for. The trouble is many people are not even considering voting for Christian political parties. I think it is a tragedy that so many Christians waste their votes on pro-abortion, humanist parties.

Of the three Christian political parties highlighted in the Voters Guide, the ACDP has the longest track record, and has the most people in office, including in national parliament, provincial legislatures and municipalities. If you prefer proven track record, higher national visibility, etc. then you are likely to choose the ACDP as the senior Christian political party in South Africa.

However, if you are in Mpumalanga, and you are represented by the Christian Party, then it would be understandable that you would choose the party which is strongest in your constituency. You may know the local Freedom Front candidate and trust them the most for your constituency.

I do know of other people who vote for one party for the provincial legislature, and another for the national. These are your choices.

Christian Action cannot endorse any particular political party, but we are trying to provide objective Biblical criteria by which people can make a better-informed choice. Please visit www.SAVotersguide.org for more relevant articles, resources and links.

May the Lord abundantly bless and guide you.

Yours for Reformation and Revival

Dr. Peter Hammond

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