"You cursed Racists, How can you call Whites like Robert Moffat and Ian Smith Africans?"


Thank you for your email concerning our Readers Survey on The Greatest Africans of All Time.

Your argument is with our readers who voted as we reported. Considering that Robert Moffet had the privilege of translating the whole Bible into the Tswana language - the first language in Africa to be so blessed, it seems appropriate to me that he was chosen as one of the greatest Africans.

Actually, Ian Smith was not born in Britain, he was a child of Africa, born in Zimbabwe.

I'm concerned by your response, which seems very racist. Are you suggesting that no white person can be an African?

Can an Arab in North Africa be an African?

Can a black person be an American?

If the Americans can be so colour blind as to select a black president, are Africans not allowed to recognise those white people, who may have been born on our soil, or those from overseas who adopted Africa and served her faithfully, such as David Livingstone, as one of our own?

May the Lord lead you into all truth.

Yours for faith and freedom

Dr. Peter Hammond

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