Letter to Deputy President Jacob Zuma - Moral Regeneration Movement: 29 April 2002


The Presidency
29 April 2002

Dear Deputy President, Jacob Zuma

Greetings in the precious Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour

We were very encouraged by your stance at the launch of the Moral Regeneration Movement. We commend you for having the courage to point out that national television stations, promote violence, sex (and blasphemy) by constantly screening these socially deviant vices (E-TV's "Sex TV" is a classic example of this). We agree with you that this pornography and violence on national television promotes crime and disrespect for women and children. In Cincinnati (USA), pornography was removed from all stores and blocked on the national television networks - it resulted in an 83% drop in the crime rate. How South Africa could do with statistics like that.

We also commend you for having the wisdom and insight of perceiving that parents are losing control of their children and that the institution of the family is under threat. It is an accepted belief that the institution of the family is the foundational building block of a nation. A nation is only as strong as its families. A people-group is only as strong as its families. Therefore the God ordained life-long institution of marriage needs to be supported by all. What we need in this nation is strong fathers who provide, protect, teach and guide their families, and mothers who nurture, care for and teach their families. It is our belief that only the church can instill this benevolent ethic. It was wisely said that a child's first exposure to government is in the home, with the authority, guidance and rules (laws) of mom and dad. If mom and dad fail to discipline their children with love, the state will be forced to discipline them without love. How this nation needs strong families! Furthermore it must be pointed out that the weaker the family, the more expensive welfare becomes. Unfortunately additional, state approved and initiated welfare projects cost tax payers millions of rands - and as research time and again confirms, are no substitute for a real loving family. The state will never be able to get as close to the problem child as the family can. It therefore makes sense to support the family, thereby focusing on "prevention" rather than "cure" tactics. Prevention is better than cure. We whole-heartedly agree with your call to see the family strengthened.

There is much confusion over the "separation of church and state" doctrine. The original intent of this doctrine is that the church and the state are separate institutions, but both under God. They are conceived as two separate ships on the same sea. Within these separate institutions they have separate functions - namely, the primary function of the state being the administration of justice while the primary function of the church is grace and welfare. Another important function of the church is to hold the state accountable to God's absolute standard - the Bible - thereby acting as a check and balance against the exploitation and corruption which power may bring. The church must be separate from the state for this task to be free from compromise, whether that be through bribery or other means. We highly recommend that you involve the church in this Moral Regeneration Movement. We also recommend that you consider implementing what President Bush implemented in the USA and what Prime Minister Tony Blair has began to recognise in the UK - the value of faith-based welfare. President Bush has allowed Christian welfare organisations (and other faiths) to access welfare funds on an equal basis as NGOs and state initiatives.

We are enclosing a gift for you - to express our appreciation for speaking up on these moral issues - it is book called, "What If Jesus had Never Been Born?" by Dr. James Kennedy. It contains information that we are seldom, if ever are exposed to in schools, universities or through the media. It deals with an overview of the social benefits of Christianity (where it is applied Biblically), it deals with the contributions made by Christianity to the fields of Education, Family Life, Medicine, Economics, Civil Liberties, etc. For example, did you know that there was no known organised charity before Christianity came on the scene? In fact charity was a new word introduced to many cultures by Christianity. How this nation needs a culture of Christian charity and giving. If you do not have the time, ask your secretary to read it and give you a summary. It will encourage and inspire you.

Mr. Deputy President, may we express our commitment to these values mentioned in your speech. And if you would like and welcome assistance from us at Christian Action Network, we would be more than prepared and happy to serve in offering Biblical counsel, insights and principles to this much needed Moral Regeneration Movement.

Thank you once again for bringing these issues up on a national level.

Yours for building a better South Africa,

Rob Mc Cafferty
Communications Director
Christian Action Network

Christian Action P.O.Box 23632 Claremont 7735 Cape Town South Africa info@christianaction.org.za - 021-689-4481 - www.christianaction.org.za
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