Comrade Kader Does It Again (19 September 2003)


Dear Editor

Our dear Minister of Education, Comrade Kader, has done it again. More central control to the inefficient and corrupt central government, less freedom to those on the ground. Will there be no end to this man's controlling spirit?

Communism was meant to be in decline since the collapse of the Berlin Wall. In case anyone has not noticed - Communistic central planning and state control has failed miserably wherever it has been implemented.

Now we are told by Comrade Kader that, "If a governing body wishes to recompense a teacher for genuine additional work or effort, they should inform the provincial department of the matter, and REQUEST AUTHORISATION." This comes with the ill-famed Education Laws Amendment Bill. Request authorisation? What an administrative nightmare! What makes Comrade Kader think he can tell parents how to spend their hard earned money?

What will be the result of such spiteful and intrusive policies?

Teachers are people too with families to take care of. Why is it that people in business can have financial incentives, but teachers can't? What about the right to privacy? Most parents, many of whom are professionals, would spend THEIR money far wiser than far-removed bureaucrats. What will happen to all the excellent fundraising initiatives that many of our schools embark on to improve their school? Even more good teachers will be driven overseas or into the private sector.

Who will suffer most? The wealthy? They can send their children overseas or to private schools. It is the poor who will suffer most. Comrade Kader think long-term, or you will leave a lot of work for the next Education Minister to sort out when this disastrous downward trend you have set in motion has to be reversed.

Rob Mc Cafferty
Communications Director
Christian Action Network

Christian Action P.O.Box 23632 Claremont 7735 Cape Town South Africa - 021-689-4481 -
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