Reject Cold and Cruel Evolution and Embrace a Loving God (26 June 2002)


Dear Editor

Dolly Maister (25 June) summarily dismisses my position without challenging any specific argument. True science involves the proposing of hypotheses and then testing these against real evidence. This "scientific method", rather than evolution, is the basis of modern science.

Ms. Maister further asserts that religion has fought all scientific progress that benefited humanity. Does she not know of the creationist bacteriologist, Louis Pasteur? Is she unaware of other creationists like Joseph Lister's service in founding antiseptic surgery? Gregor Mendel painstakingly laid the basis for the modern science of genetics. Michael Faraday's work established the field of electromagnetics and James Clerk Maxwell electrodynamics. Each of these fields contributes significantly to modern medicine.

"Safe abortion" can hardly be argued to constitute scientific progress. Unlike heart bypass surgery and life saving drugs, modern abortion methods are not significantly more sophisticated than ancient ones. Ironically, the improvement of abortion's "safety" (that is, for the mother only) owes far more to the effective application of antibiotics (courtesy Louis Pasteur) than to "scientific progress".

Ms. Maister acknowledges that evolution has social implications. It seems that the abortion issue best illustrates the conflict between creationists and evolutionists. If people are merely overdeveloped blobs of tissue, why not wipe out the unwanted ones by abortion, euthanasia or genocide as Adolf Hitler did? But if human life is created in God's image, we have an excellent basis for protecting the weak and the elderly.

Evolution is indeed a cold, cruel, selfish system. Man becomes the animal at the top of the food chain, surviving because he is the fittest. Ms. Maister's concern for the unhoused, jobless and hungry people is not consistent with her evolutionary views - according to Darwinism (whose books "Origin of Species" was subtitled "Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life") if they are not "fit", they should not survive.

Faith in the Creator God gives man a purpose for existence, defining him as more than just an animal. The weaker members of society must be protected because they too are made in God's image. Anyone who abuses the weak will be held responsible before our mutual Creator.

Yours faithfully

Jeanine McGill

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