Search for Our Father


Dear Sir

Search for our Father

Michel Brunet deserves credit for scientifically deducing that the Saharan Sahel region of Chad is a good place to look for fossils [July 22]. However, the wild conclusions drawn from the mere skull of the Toumai chimp type creature are staggering. In the evolutionary system, the associated fish, crocodile, elephant and giraffe fossils can only serve to fix the maximum age of Toumai, but cannot guarantee that the fossil is not in fact younger. Further, hoping that the apparently oval opening at the base of the skull indicates that Toumai may have walked upright sounds like wishful thinking - I would put far more stock in an x-ray analysis of the semicircular canals of the ear. Such x-ray analysis has shown that Australopithecus africanus, Australopithecus robustic and Homo habilis did not walk upright like humans (Ref 1). Finally, the conclusion that Toumai is part of our ancestral tree (or bush) is unsubstantiated by the facts (which, remember, is just a well preserved chimp type skull).

Orphan children no doubt long to know who their father is. Nonetheless, it is strange that intelligent humans are so desperate to support the theory of evolution that the discovery of a single well-preserved chimp type skull warrants such coverage from Time. Perhaps we are not orphans after all, but fleeing from the living Father who requires far more from us than a dead chimp.

Jeanine McGill

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