Family Matters - A Dead Horse? (18 October 2002)


Dear Sir

In response to "Stop the Pink Bashing" (Southern Mail, 9 October 2002), let us consider the facts.

Our book, "The Pink Agenda" considers the impact of South Africa's constitutional protection of "sexual orientation" on the individuals involved, the family and society. The difference between identity and behaviour is analysed. The impact of allowing homosexual "marriages" is considered, and the effect of the homosexual agenda on school sex education is shown. The social effects of continued sexual anarchy are projected.

Unsuspecting children are far more likely to be harmed by their school sex education than by healthy debate in family newspapers. Homosexual and other sexual exploration is encouraged in the books of the Planned Parenthood Association of South Africa (who won the tender to train teachers to teach sex education). For example, "Mutual masturbation and group masturbation experiences of the same sex occur commonly during adolescence." Education Department and school policy on sex education is still being formed. "The Pink Agenda" is by no means flogging a dead horse - rather, it is a wake-up call to concerned parents. Publishing books and writing letters to the editor are part of the free market place of ideas, debate and discussion. The contents of school sex education needs open debate, rather than acceptance by default.

Tellingly "Tired of the pink-bashing" (9 October 2002) does not address a single issue that I raised in my letter on homosexual co-adoption (2 October 2002). Is it vitriolic to express concern that there is no legal mechanism to protect children in the event of a homosexual co-adoption breaking up? Is it vitriolic to express concern that the Constitutional Court is being used to usurp the role of the legislature (a bonus for special interest groups, but bad for democracy)?

A bigot is "an obstinate and intolerant believer in a religion, political theory, etc." In our book "The Pink Agenda" and in our letters, we have laid concerns and facts on the table for debate. If "Tired of the pink-bashing" will not counter arguments, and can do no better than launch ad hominem attacks, perhaps he deserves the description of "bigot" more than we do.

Jeanine McGill
National Co-ordinator

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