Homosexuality and Aids (4 December 2002)


The Editor, The Cape Times

Dear Sir

A Little History Lesson

Mr. Vernon Williams (3/12/2002) slated a radio interviewer as narrow minded and intolerant for daring to suggest that homosexual tourism may not be a great idea. It is useful to consider the difference between homosexual and other tourism. While homosexuals may climb Table Mountain and visit wine farms, surely what distinguishes them as a group is that they have or buy homosexual sex while here. Do we really want the bodies of our young men to be international disease repositories? Do we want men who do not practice homosexuality to be subject to harassment? If plans were afoot to make Cape Town a second Bangkok by selling the bodies of our young girls, would there not be an outcry? If so, why are we expected to be silent when the issue is homosexual tourism?

Mr. Williams then questions whether homosexuality has any link to HIV/AIDS. He is clearly in need of a history lesson. When AIDS was first discovered in the West in 1981, it was called GRID (Gay Related Immune Deficiency Disease) since it initially did not appear in other groups. It gradually spread to intravenous drug users and heterosexuals, and in the 1990’s exploded in Africa’s mostly heterosexual population.

Homosexual activists have resisted all efforts to make HIV/AIDS a notifiable disease, to protect their “sexual privacy” (as the Bell and Weinberg study revealed, 43 % of homosexuals estimated that they would have over 500 sex partners over their life times). The HIV/AIDS pandemic could have been drastically limited if quarantine had been applied to those infected early on, rather than allowing them to freely move through the population sowing deadly HIV/AIDS. Now we have a pandemic on our hands, with thousands of orphaned children to try to provide for.

Christians have made massive contributions to caring for the ill, dying and orphaned. What has the homosexual movement done, besides criticizing those who are making a difference, continuing in their self-centered hedonistic lifestyles and using their self-inflicted victim status to win more rights for themselves?

Jeanine McGill
National Co-ordinator

Christian Action P.O.Box 23632 Claremont 7735 Cape Town South Africa info@christianaction.org.za - 021-689-4481 - www.christianaction.org.za
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