Interfaith Service Held at St Georges Cathedral (13 December 2002)


The Editor, The Cape Times

Dear Sir

Space at St. George’s Cathedral?

The Cape Times reported that the Mother City Queer Project on 11/12/2002 used St. George’s Cathedral (a building of the Anglican church) for an interfaith service.

At the 1998 Anglican church Lambert Conference, 82 % of those present re-affirmed the Church’s traditional teaching against sodomy. The African bishops led the strong stand for Biblical ethics. When Bishop Spong accused them of being “one step up from witchcraft” and said that they had not “faced the intellectual revolution”, Bishop Mutebi of Uganda replied: “Homosexuality is a sin. Any bishop who says this is not true, we consider to be out of communion with us. We call on him to repent.”

Do the managers of St. George’s Cathedral have a mandate to go against the clear teaching of Scripture, as well as the clear stand of their denomination, by hosting this event for sexual rebels?

Further, the Thirty-Nine Articles – the doctrinal foundation of the Anglican church – begins “There is only one living and true God.” This is inconsistent with interfaith “worship”. The Thirty-Nine Articles go on to state that the Bible forms the basis of the Christian faith. The Bible is full of warnings not to anger God by mixing the worship of idols with His worship.

Are the managers of St. George’s Cathedral complete atheists, that they dare to taunt and test God so?

Like Bishop Mutebi, we call on those responsible for this outrage to repent and turn to God – He is loving and gracious, and forgives those who come to Him in repentance. However, if they will not repent, God will surely hold them accountable.

Jeanine McGill
National Co-ordinator

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