Non-Christian Spirit? (17 December 2002)


The Editor, The Cape Times

Dear Sir

Non-Christian spirit?

J Maxwell (Cape Times 17/12/2002) admits that he is angry, yet accuses Christians of "spilling their bile". He claims to be "free-thinking" but would like letters from Christians classified as hate speech and banned from the media. He wants us to "read between the lines" about loving our fellow men, but is not prepared to "read the lines" and see that the Bible is crystal clear that those who practice homosexual acts are in certain danger of eternal hell-fire. He urges us to "break bread with a gay person" even though 1 Corinthians 5:11 explicitly forbids us to eat with one who is sexually immoral and claims to be a Christian.

Are homosexuals truly less fortunate? Are they financially disadvantaged? Are they politically weak? Do they have fewer rights than the rest of us? Or are they rather reaping what they have sown as a result of their self-centered, hedonistic life styles?

This Christmas, Christians will indeed be helping the less fortunate. We will be giving gifts to underprivileged children, feeding the hungry and offering hospitality to the lonely. What will the homosexual movement be doing, except continuing to party with no thought of others?

Jeanine McGill
National Co-ordinator

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