Tough Love (19 December 2002)


The Editor, The Cape Times

Dear Sir/Madam

Tough Love

To answer Patrick Madden (19/12/2002) – we do realise that arguments from the Bible have little weight with those who refuse to believe in God. For that reason we published the book “The Pink Agenda”, which points out that homosexual behaviour is closely associated with:

promiscuity (in one study, 43 % of homosexuals estimated that they would have over 500 partners in their life times),
pedophilia (despite being only 1.5 to 2.5 % of the US population, homosexual behaviour contributes about a third of child molesters) and
medical damage (not only via a range of sexually transmitted diseases, but also significant damage to the anus and rectum in the case of sodomy).

The good Lord has given us brains (as Mark Bray (19/12/2002) points out) and we are responsible to make good choices. However, just as people choose to use heroin or drink and drive, not everyone makes good choices when it comes to sexual expression. As a society, we accept that using drugs and drunken driving are selfish and self-destructive behaviours, and so we limit them by imposing laws against them. Homosexual behaviour is also self-destructive and so good common sense supports our strong Biblical reasons to outlaw it.

Finally, it is because we love our neighbours as we love ourselves that we harp on this issue. We are assured by 1 Corinthians 6:9 and 10 that neither those who practise homosexual acts nor those who are sexually immoral (in case any “straights” were feeling self-righteous) can be part of God’s Kingdom. For this reason, we take the opportunities provided to warn people of the danger they are in, so that they can turn from their ways that lead to death, and find true peace with God.

Jeanine McGill
National Co-ordinator

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