The Passion of the Christ (6 April 2004)


Attention: The Argus

Dear Editor

In the Weekend Argus reviews under Good Movies it was astounding to see that the same reviewer, Derek Wilson, who gives The Passion of the Christ only two stars and describe it as "sado masochistic"; gives Monster four stars, the highest rating and puts it at the top of the list of "Good Movies"!

How is this possible? What does this say about our society in general, and the Argus and Derek Wilson's reviews in particular when the very same reviewer who decries Mel Gibson's realistic portrayal about the sufferings of Jesus Christ praises and, in effect, recommends Charlize Theron's portrayal of a lesbian prostitute serial killer in the violent slasher film, Monster!

Perhaps Derek Wilson needs to go back and see The Passion of the Christ again. This time he should try to leave his prejudices outside and try to understand what it is that so many millions of viewers have found deeply meaningful and spiritually moving. This would be far more intelligent than merely insulting what he does not understand.

Peter Hammond

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