Give HIV Babies the Opportunity to Live (15 August 2007)

Dr Lilian Dudley of the Health Systems Trust says that "HIV-positive pregnant women should be routinely offered the choice of abortion in the context of the serious challenge the pandemic presents to maternal health" (Argus, 9 August).
Whilst I realise that a pregnant HIV-positve woman would fear for the future of her baby, since she will eventually face death herself, surely her pre-born baby should be the opportunity to live?
Real Health Care gives both patients a chance at life.
There are many couples willing to adopt babies and there are baby homes where the baby could be cared for in the interim.
A pre-born baby is a child, not a choice.
Taryn Hodgson
Christian Action P.O.Box 23632 Claremont 7735 Cape Town South Africa - 021-689-4481 -
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