Do Pro-Abortionists Believe in Informed Consent? (24 August 2007)


At the Cape Town Hearings on the Abortion Amendment Act this Tuesday, most of the pro-life representatives shared their concerns that women were not receiving sufficient counseling at both state hospitals and private clinics prior to having an abortion. They emphasised that a woman must be able to give her "informed consent" (as the Principal TOP Act states).

 In the pre-abortion counseling session, a woman should be told about both the psychological and physical risks involved, as well as shown visual material of the procedure. 

A recent Special Assignment programme showed a pre-abortion counseling session conducted by a nurse in a public hospital, which lasted about 30 seconds. 

If this is an indication of the extent of counseling given at state hospitals around the country, then the present law is in dire need of reform. A few brief questions asking the woman if she has considered the alternatives to abortion, is definitely insufficient to enable a woman to make a fully informed decision. 

It was interesting however, that not one of the pro-abortion representatives mentioned that pre-abortion counseling should be improved. They simply wanted to see more women having abortions.  

This makes me wonder if pro-abortionists really believe in informed consent at all, since they seem bent on pushing only one choice - abortion. Every life is precious and should be protected. 


Taryn Hodgson

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