Che Guevara is No Hero (16 October 2007)

On Friday (12 October) Mbeki praised Che Guevara "as a life dedicated to the genuine independence of all countries, the true liberation of each people, and social progress within all countries, emancipating the working people from the scourges of poverty, hunger and underdevelopment".
The reality however, was far different. For all the attempts (such as Robert Redford’s “Motorcycle Diaries” propaganda piece) to transform Fidel Castro’s hitman, Che Guevara, into a romantic cult hero the fact is that Che Guevara was a mass murderer.

In the “Cuban Revolution” Che Guevara ran the slave labour camps and organised the mass executions. He was Fidel Castro’s supreme prosecutor and most efficient executioner. Under Che, the walls of the old fort in Havana resounded nightly with the fusillades of the firing squads.

In just three years (1959-1962) over 4,000 executions, most by firing squad, were documented to have taken place under Catro's executioner Che Guevara. All these executions took place without due process of law or fair trial. Che admitted ordering "several thousand executions." I wouldn't call the mass murders and tyranny of the Cuban revolution "liberation".Communist revolutions have only brought misery and oppression to the people of countries such as Russia, Cambodia and North Korea.


Taryn Hodgson

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