Prostitution in a Natural Science Text Book? What were they thinking? (19 October 2007)


I was shocked to read that 10 year olds are being taught about prostitution and child abandonment in a natural sciences textbook (Argus, 13 October, "'What's Sex work Mommy?'").

What was the Department of Education thinking? They probably weren't thinking as usual.
In trying to teach children about the dangers of contracting HIV/AIDS through promiscuity and prostitution they have ended up normalising this behaviour and desensitising children to the intimate nature of sex. Furthermore, this so-called "case study" is completely inappropriate for 10 year olds.
What does prostitution have to do with natural science? Certainly, one can teach about the "biology" of the HIV virus in such a class, but these kind of "case studies" are nothing less than perverted indoctrination.
Children should be taught that sex is given by God as one of the means for a husband and wife to express love to each other.


Taryn Hodgson

Africa Christian Action

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