Sexpo Fuels Exploitation of Women (13 May 2008)

Dear Editor

At last a politician who believes in family values.  Deputy Mayor of Cape Town, Grant Haskin, is quoted as saying that the increase in abuse and sexual exploitation of women and children was "a worrying reality".

In August 1993 newspapers in the Cape reported on the murder of Linsey Boyd. Her murderer, Elvis Jotamo, had paged through a SA girlie magazine (which has thankfully gone bankrupt) and visualised a sexual fantasy with there. The fantasy became an obsession and developed into a violent death for her.
Jotamo throttled her and had sexual intercourse with her body - according to the local press.

A young Steenberg girl of 7 was also raped and murdered in 1991; her murderer's room was found with walls covered with pin ups.

Ted Bundy, serial killer in the US, before his execution, declared that pornography was the common factor between all serial killers and violent criminals he had come into contact with in his eight years in jail.  He added that the porn that had led him to becoming a mass murder was mild in comparison to what later became available.

Pornography is addictive and progressive to some and thus all sexually explicit material is a threat to the well being of the women of South Africa.

I was one of the protestors at the sexpo in Cape Town and had a couple, who had just visited the sexpo, walk over a busy main road to come thank me for what I was doing.  The man was appalled at what he had seen in the sexpo.

Advertisers know that what people see and hear affect their actions, why would we then deny that sexually explicit material fuels sexual crime?

Well done to Mr Haskin who wants to protect women and children from sordid material and create a family friendly Cape Town.

Charl van Wyk

Africa Christian Action

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