Freedom and responsibility (3 March 2009)


Dear Editor

Many have taken umbrage at the stand taken by Errol Naidoo of Family Policy Institute against blasphemy.

All sorts of profane ways of expression are now being protected by blasphemers and perverts in the name of "freedom of speech".

Surely obscene (or pornographic), defamatory, blasphemous or profane expressions should be considered discriminatory?

Many would agree that the right to freely create, speak, write and publish sentiments or expressions on all subjects should be protected; but obscene, defamatory and profane expressions are licentious and are an abuse of the right of expression and should be punishable by law.

It might be an idea to replace our Bill of Rights with a Bill of Responsibilities.  It is incredible to see how the right of freedom of expression can be abused to protect disgraceful behaviour.

Charl van Wyk

Africa Christian Action

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