Hypocritical Response from Network of “Women's Rights” Groups (3 October 2012)


Dear Editor

It is with astonishment that I read the response of a network of so-called “women’s rights” groups (Triangle Project; Ipas South Africa; Gender DynamiX; WISH Associates; Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights; SWEAT; Free Gender; GHMCC; Women’s Legal Centre) to a press statement from the Family Policy Institute on the “culture of death” quoted in the Mail and Guardian. Their response was published as the article “Women ignored in tragedy at Marikana” (14 September).

We agree that we need to combat “injustices that are perpetuated against the most marginalised: women.” This network claims in their article that they do not support a “culture of death” and yet they support the murder of the most helpless and innocent of all people – pre-born babies through abortion. What about pre-born girls and the physical and psychological wounds that abortion leaves behind on the mother? We are also speaking out against the exploitation of women and children in prostitution and trafficking.

This network also stated: “It is with grave concern that we see a well-financed right-wing Christian conference scheduled for October. It will seek to perpetuate this culture of injustice and oppression through its values of hate and discrimination.”

Pro-life and pro-family groups are definitely not “well-financed” – we are struggling to meet the unprecedented opportunities to be a voice for the voiceless, to help build strong families for the future of this nation, rescue victims of human trafficking, and support women facing a crisis pregnancy.

Pro-life groups provide women with real choices (alternatives) and loving support, not just one choice – abortion – that pro-abortionists coerce women into choosing. Doctors for Life, Straatwerk and STOP Trafficking help women get out of the exploitative sex industry, through rehabilitation safe houses and job skills training. What are these “women’s rights” groups doing to help women trapped in prostitution get out of this abusive trade in women’s bodies?

We are obeying Christ’s command to love our neighbour (including our pre-born neighbours) by working for true justice for the poor, oppressed and the helpless.

If they are referring to the National Alliance for Life Conference (6 October), then we are pleased that they are concerned that the pro-life movement is gaining ground! Pro-lifers from across South Africa will be strategizing how best to help the pre-born and their mothers at the National Alliance for Life Conference in Durban (6 October). A National March for Life will follow on Sunday, 7 October in Durban. Pro-lifers will also be peacefully praying and “speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves” at Life Chains in Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, East London and in Cape Town.


Taryn Hodgson
International Co-ordinator
Africa Christian Action

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