Practical Solutions to Fight Crime (20 November 2012)


The South African government has failed in its God-given responsibility to protect innocent citizens, execute justice and punish criminals. Criminals seem to have more rights under South African law than ordinary citizens.

The Bible gives a very straightforward answer, as to why crime has spiraled out of control. Ecclesiastes 8:11 says, ‘Why do people commit crimes so readily? Because crime is not punished quickly enough.’

Rapists and murderers should be executed and criminals should pay restitution to the victims of the crime, not to the state. It is also essential that no obstacles be placed in the way of law-abiding citizens to obtain, carry and use firearms for self-defence. Criminals prefer unarmed victims.

 Farm murders and attacks should be considered a priority crime. Crime in rural areas have caused the number of commercial farmers in South Africa to drop from 70 000 to fewer than 40 000. Thousands of people have been left jobless as a result.

Responding to the gruesome murders of the 5-month-old Wiehan Botes and his child minder, Magrietha de Goede (66) in Delmas (May 2012), Afrikaans singers, Bobby and Karlien van Jaarsveld joined forces with AfriForum and 30 other celebrities in a march to the Union Buildings in Pretoria on 19 June to demand action against violent crime in South Africa.

A similar march will be held in Cape Town tomorrow: Wednesday, 21 November in which a Memorandum will be handed to a representative from the Office of the Speaker of Parliament at the gates of Parliament.

The Christian Action Network will be supporting this March Against Crime.

The March will start in Keizersgracht Street at 10:00am on Wednesday and proceed to the gates of Parliament, where the Memorandum will be handed over.

All South Africans are invited to join the march on Wednesday 21 November. Participants will be dressed in black and white: black to symbolise that we are mourning for every South African who was killed in violent crime, or who was affected by it; and white to symbolise that we march in peace, for peace.


Taryn Hodgson
International Co-ordinator
Christian Action Network

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