Mourning the 16th Anniversary of Legalisation of Abortion Today (1 February 2013)


Dear Editor

Abortion is a national disgrace. The killing of over one million, one hundred thousand babies is nothing less than a holocaust.

The Right to Life is the most basic right. Without the Right to Life, all other rights are meaningless. What worth is "human dignity" if pre-born babies are denied the right to life?

The day will most certainly come when future generations will look back on the abortion holocaust of our day with the same revulsion that we now look upon the WWII and Communist Holocausts of the Soviet Union, Red China, Cambodia and Rwanda.

The 1 February 2013, as the 16th anniversary of the legalisation of abortion on demand in South Africa, is being observed by many Christians as a National Day of Repentance for the national sin of abortion.

It is for this reason, that Christians who uphold the sanctity of life will be marching from Keizersgracht Street, Cape Town central, today (Friday, 1 February, 12:30pm) in the form of a funeral procession and will gather outside the main gates of Parliament for a Prayer Vigil (12:50). Other groups will be holding pro-life demonstrations in East London and Hammanskraal on Saturday, and in Durban on Saturday, 10 February.

May God have mercy on South Africa.


Taryn Hodgson

Christian Action P.O.Box 23632 Claremont 7735 Cape Town South Africa - 021-689-4481 -
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